Waiter frustrated with $3.28 tip. Eyes go wide receiving unexpected letter days later


This waiter felt he needed to go public with this – I’m glad he did . . .

Making a good first impression is crucial, and these teenagers understood the importance of it. However, when they realized their mistake, they went above and beyond to rectify it.

In Los Angeles, a waiter was taking care of four teenagers, ensuring they had a great evening. However, he was disappointed when he received a less than satisfactory tip. The waiter felt upset that the teenagers and others didn’t appreciate the importance of tipping generously for good service.

On social media, he shared his experience as a waiter, expressing his disappointment over receiving only a $3.28 tip from a group of teenagers.

“Nothing more frustrating than when I get little to nothing for a tip and the customer is smiling and thanking me profusely as they exit”. But then something very unexpected happened!

About seven days later, a letter arrived at his doorstep.

Around ten days ago, on October 7th, me and my three buddies decided to have a meal at this restaurant to celebrate our homecoming. It was a thrilling experience for us to be here on our own, and everything felt fresh and unfamiliar.

We couldn’t have asked for a better waiter. You were friendly, supportive, flexible, treated us with respect, and even managed to cater to all my allergies! I just wanted to express my gratitude for making our dining experience so fantastic and enjoyable.

My group and I want to apologize for our lack of experience in handling the bill. Being new to this situation, our young minds were unsure how to manage it properly. We appreciate your assistance in splitting the bill and accepting our less-than-ideal payment method.

We found the bill to be fair, but we had completely forgotten (and honestly didn’t know) about the concept of tipping, including how much to give. As a result, we gathered all the money we had in our pockets, and it amounted to $3.28.

Unaware of the true size of this matter, we departed without realizing the impact it would have on your diligent efforts.

After some time, we became aware of our error and felt an overwhelming sense of guilt. We understood the importance of rectifying our mistake and taking the necessary steps to make amends.

Inside this envelope, you will discover the appropriate 18% gratuity along with an additional amount to acknowledge your exceptional service. We are grateful for your assistance and understanding, and we extend our gratitude for making our evening enjoyable. Many thanks!”

The total amount on the bill was around $100, but the tip of $3.28 is less than four percent! Luckily, the teenagers recognized their error and took the necessary steps to rectify it.

The server shared a photo of the note on the internet, accompanied by uplifting and friendly messages.

Throughout my years of service, I have never encountered a situation like this before, and neither has anyone else. I am unsure of how you acquired knowledge or educated yourself about tipping, but I genuinely appreciate your effort and kindness. I sincerely hope that your Homecoming was absolutely wonderful!

Rarely do individuals make the effort to correct their mistakes, but when they do, it can have a significant impact – and this dedicated waiter truly earned it by going the extra mile!

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