Marine guard ignores little boy, then people notice what he does with his left hand


This Marine guard seemed to be keeping his composure until someone noticed what he was doing with his left hand. Take a closer look and see for yourself…

Established in 1947 by Major Bill Hendricks, Toys for Tots is a program organized by the United States Marine Corps Reserve that provides toys to children from families in need during the holiday season.

This program aims to gather and give new, unwrapped toys to underprivileged children during Christmas.

The Foundation offers the necessary leadership, funding, and support for successful yearly toy collection and distribution campaigns, as stated on their website.

Back in 1997, the program launched what is one of the most beautiful commercials we’ve ever seen.


Every year during Christmas, many people share this commercial to spread the holiday cheer.

A Marine is approached by a young boy holding a piece of paper, asking if he is Santa Claus.

The Marine remains motionless as he focuses on his duty, seemingly oblivious to the boy attempting to engage him in conversation.

The boy repeats his question and gives the guard a piece of paper. It’s actually his Christmas wish list. He hopes that his wishes will come true this season.

To the astonishment and joy of everyone, the guard accepts the boy’s list without even looking at him.

The advertisement aims to increase awareness about the significance of the Toys For Tots mission. It serves as a reminder that some children may not receive any presents, and emphasizes that each of us can contribute to improving a child’s life.

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