This map helps you find the best places to watch the 2024 Solar Eclipse easily.


On April 8, 2024, a big part of the United States will see a total solar eclipse. There’s a new map made by The Planetary Society and The Eclipse Company that can help photographers pick the perfect spot to watch it.

People are really looking forward to this eclipse because it’s not only going to be visible in a great location but also because it’s the last one to cross North America for 20 years. You’ll be able to see the total eclipse from as far south as Texas all the way up to the northeast.

As thrilling as the upcoming eclipse is, there’s another one happening this month over the western part of the United States. While it won’t have a total eclipse, it’s still a pretty exciting celestial event.

To assist people who want to watch and photograph these events, The Planetary Society and The Eclipse Company have made two new maps that can guide you to the best places to see each eclipse.

Jesse Tomlinson, co-founder of The Eclipse Company, said, “When I saw the 2017 eclipse, I was surprised to find out that many people who lived near the path of totality didn’t make the extra effort to fully enjoy it. We created this tool to encourage people to get into the path because it’s a life-changing experience that you shouldn’t miss.”

This map is made to be simple and user-friendly. Unlike other maps, it not only shows you exact places but also includes information about things like clouds, light pollution, how long the eclipse will last, and what interesting things you can expect to see during the eclipse. It also tells you about nearby parks and events where you can watch, as well as places to stay.

“The map puts everything in one spot, making it an interactive map that really understands what people need when they’re trying to find the best place to watch the eclipse,” says The Planetary Society. “It also has educational info from The Planetary Society to make sure that people who love space and eclipses feel knowledgeable and excited as they get ready for the event.”

The Planetary Society and The Eclipse Company teamed up to make this free resource because they both want to help as many people as they can to enjoy the upcoming solar eclipses. This is especially important because the 2024 eclipse is the last one for a while, and it’s going to be a total eclipse, which is pretty amazing.

“This is the place where you’ll see the most exciting parts of an eclipse: you can see the Sun’s corona, witness Baily’s beads along the Moon’s edge, hear insects getting confused and making their evening sounds, and much more. The map tells you which cool things you can see in each location,” explain the two organizations.

Bill Nye, CEO of The Planetary Society, says, “Many people are getting ready for an eclipse for the first time. By partnering with The Eclipse Company, we can provide the public with a tool to make their eclipse experience truly special.”

You can find both the October 2023 and the April 2024 maps for free on The Eclipse Company’s website.

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