This is the exclusive school in Paris where the children of Messi and Antonela go.


The athlete has shown that he spares no expense for his family as they are always his priority.

After Argentina’s recent triumph in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, Messi has been in the public eye, not only for winning the cup in his fifth World Cup. The forward has always been the object of admiration since he always enjoys these important moments with his wife and children.

Messi and his wife Antonela Roccuzzo have three children: Thiago, ten years old. Mateo, who is seven years old, and Ciro, four years old, and on social networks, they always appear very loving with them.

Both Antonela and her three children follow Messi everywhere in the world where he has to go, thanks to his work. This was demonstrated when the footballer ended his contract with Barcelona and decided to go to the French team PSG. Faced with the change, his family did not hesitate to pack their bags to settle in Paris, where they now have their new home.

“I am very happy, I am lucky to do what I like, what I dreamed of since I was little. Have a wonderful family. Wife, my children, my great family: my brothers, my old people, my wife’s family. That is the most important. And my friends, which is the most important thing, ”she revealed to a special Star + program.

The celebrity knows that fame will accompany him, so he treats it as something ordinary and simple. Both he and his family have learned to deal with what comes with his popularity, so he doesn’t refuse to go where his children want to go. They “already know” that they can ask for photos or autographs at any time. However, nothing prevents them from living their lives normally.

This change in the routine and lifestyle of the children of Messi and Antonella was not as radical as thought. When they moved to Paris, even though they already had an established life in Barcelona, ​​it aroused a minor concern in Messi because his children would not know anyone and would start from scratch:

“At the beginning, there is the fear of the new, more than anything believing that they were going to have a bad time, that they were going to suffer from the change and nothing to do with it.”

The little ones adapted perfectly to their new home; making friends was extremely easy for them. Messi also confessed that he and his wife suffered after leaving them on the first day at their new school and even cried.

But the question that many have is, what kind of school do the children of a soccer superstar attend?

This is the American School of Paris, an institution located just 9 kilometres from the Eiffel Tower and which provides an American-style education with an emphasis on academics without neglecting the emotional and social development of the children.

But what stands out the most about the school is its wide variety of extracurricular activities, such as music, theatre and cinema. In addition, the facilities have recording studios, a movie theatre, and digital and photography laboratories to meet any educational demand that today’s children may need.

In this institution, an evaluation is first carried out so that the children can be admitted, of which 1,400 euros per child (1,485 dollars) are paid and, when enrolled, the cost goes to 12,200 euros (12,940 dollars).

However, that is not the only thing that is paid for in this elite school, since after the attacks of September 11 on the Twin Towers and those of January 2015 near the area, a kind of insurance is included, which includes trained personnel to deal with these cases and is 1,750 euros per student or the equivalent of 1,856 dollars.

In addition, the fees range from 19,570 euros (20,757 dollars) in the early childhood course to 36,550 euros (38,767 dollars) for the last academic level.

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