This horse was very thankful so he showed it to the guy who saved him


Being limited is not fun. This could be especially true for animals, as they have an innate desire to wander and move without any restrictions.

Sadly, this is the reality for numerous horses in Romania because of a common practice. Sometimes, horses’ front or back legs are chained to prevent them from running away.

Upon finding a horse of this nature, veterinarian Ovidiu Rosu knew precisely what needed to be addressed.

Ovidiu was exploring the Danube delta when he stumbled upon a magnificent wild horse, its legs bound tightly by heavy shackles that were painfully cutting into its skin. Witnessing this heartbreaking sight, Ovidiu’s heart filled with sorrow and compassion.

The horse struggled to move, regardless of its efforts.

Ovidiu knew just how much horses crave the freedom to roam and run, so he took action immediately.

Saving the horse

Ovidiu wasted no time in grabbing his tools and diving straight into work. With skilled hands, he coaxes the creature to move forward until it finally settles down.

He grabs his pliers and begins to work with precision.

Check out the video down below to witness the incredible rescue and the horse’s exceptional reaction.

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