This gorgeous Shar Pei with a bear coat that resembles a teddy bear has people in awe.


Oh my gosh. I need one.

Have you ever ever across a canine teddy bear?

Others might share their experiences with the chow-chow, another well-known breed. However, there is another breed that can contend for the title of cutest and most adorable canine.

Even just looking at this dog makes you wonder where they keep the batteries, but it’s still very much alive. It also became one of the most well-known canine celebrities on the internet based just on appearance.

Tonkey Bear is a well-liked puppy with more than 200,000 followers on Instagram alone.

When Christine Park started his Instagram account, she had no idea how popular it would become. Many people have fallen in love with the bear-coat Shar Pei dog because of how much he resembles a stuffed animal. And who wouldn’t want an actual living teddy bear?

When Tonkey arrived, Park told TODAY, “we saw the other pups in the litter and knew she was the one because she was so cute.”

Because her breed isn’t often popular, Park claimed she was astonished by Tonkey Bear’s popularity.

Shar Peis are typically the last to go, she told TODAY. She created Tonkey Bear’s Instagram account in order to promote the breed and show off how cute they can be.

She was surprised by the response, but despite that, she was glad Tonkey Bear was getting some attention.

She was simply overjoyed at how the public had responded to her dog.

It’s kind of cool to display your dog and receive compliments. Although Tonkey is well-liked in her current state as a puppy, we also wish to continue publishing for the Shar Pei community. Park continued to speak.

Tonkey Bear’s pictures, from when he was a puppy to the hound he is now, are all over the Instagram account. Even when he grew bigger, his allure remained unmistakable.

The Shar Pei dog breed is regarded as being old.

The breed, which is famous for its facial creases, is Chinese in origin. The pedigree is also renowned for making a wonderful family pet because it is devoted to its own but wary of outsiders.

They are also inherently friendly and delicate, yet when necessary, they may be aggressive. The difficulty in rearing a Shar Pei is that it must be socialized from an early age. They consequently won’t thrive in remote locations or when kept inside all the time.

Midway through the 1960s is when the first Shar Pei was officially recorded in the country. But it didn’t become well-known until 1973. A breeder from Hong Kong named Matgo Law pleaded for support from Americans to prevent the extinction of the species.

Law is no longer need to worry about the Shar Pei.

One of the breed’s most effective ambassadors was Tonkey Bear. Among the other canine ambassadors is @jiffpom, a Pomeranian with an incredible 9.6 million Instagram followers. In addition to being an ambassador, he serves as the leader of all Pomeranian dogs.

Other influential dogs include @marutaro, the Shiba Inu breed’s representative, and @itdougthepug, a pug with 3.7 million followers.

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