Happy couple shares 10th anniversary picture online, promptly gets flooded with worried calls


This event changed my life forever.

Thomas and Sienna enjoyed their alone time on their 10th wedding anniversary, reminiscing about their special moments together and hoping for many more years ahead.

As usual, they prepared to capture a photo for the mantelpiece. However, just as the camera’s timer started ticking, Sienna thought she detected a faint noise coming from the hallway. Thomas reassured her that it was nothing to worry about, and they embraced each other, posing happily for another picture commemorating their year together.

Sienna posted the photo on the social media, not assuming it would later lead to something unimaginable.


The next day, she woke up to the sound of pinging. She quickly picked up her phone as notifications flooded in. Many of them were well-wishes for their anniversary, but there were also inquiries about the person in the background of the photo.

Sienna discovered a face in the photo from last night. She informed Thomas, who believed it was only a shadow resembling a face.

Sienna was feeling uneasy. She recalled hearing a noise when the photo was taken, so she requested Thomas to check the house for any signs of trouble.


Thomas completed the task, but nobody was present. “Don’t worry, dear. It’s just me,” he reassured with a laugh. “Let’s not dwell on that picture. We have lunch plans, right?”

As they approached the car and Sienna prepared to enter, she noticed the identical creepy face on the car’s window. However, she was too frightened to utter a single word. Suddenly, she let out a scream and spun around, only to find that there was no one standing behind her.

That evening, a peculiar noise disrupted her. It became clear that an intruder was present in the house. She awakened Thomas, who verified that there were sounds emanating from the lower level.


He grabbed the phone in one hand and his gun in the other.

Sienna insisted that calling 911 for a ghost was not possible, but he went ahead and made the call anyway.

They walked to the kitchen at a snail’s pace and saw a skinny boy crying. His face was dirty with snot, showing he was frightened and hungry.

But how did he end up in their home?

“Hey there, it’s okay. We won’t hurt you,” Thomas said with a gentle voice.

“You’re hungry, right?” Sienna asked, grinning tenderly.

“Hungry, yes,” the boy nodded.

“What’s your name?”



He slowly described how he and his mother came from a difficult situation and repeatedly inquired about helping his mom.

The police, whom Thomas had called earlier, showed up at their doorstep. This frightened the boy, so he ran away before they could apprehend him.

The following day, Sienna and Thomas went looking for Nikolai. They knew he couldn’t have gone far.

While exploring the area, they came across a deserted Victorian mansion.

Sienna continued to explore and discovered a window covered with boards. She heard a woman asking for help from inside. Quickly, she dialed the police on her phone. Shortly after, more people arrived.


The officials entered the location and discovered a distressed woman. Speaking in broken English, she introduced herself as Asya and shared her story of coming to the United States for a better life for herself and her son. Unfortunately, she ended up with a monstrous man who imprisoned her.

They took her out, and soon after, Nikolai emerged from the basement.

“What about the man who did this?” Sienna asked.

Officers have been dispatched to apprehend him at work. Nikolai and Asya will be relocated to a secure location. She appears to have arrived from Russia as a mail-order bride. The legality of her immigration status is uncertain, but we will make sure they receive the necessary assistance, the officers stated.


It was an amazing moment. One picture uncovered a surprising finding and assisted in saving two people’s lives.

Thomas informed his wife that he thinks the most recent photo for the mantel should have its own special spot. He showed her a framed print of the famous photo they had shared on social media.

Sienna joked, saying it’s the top choice.

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