This Chainsaw-Carved Dragon Bench


Since the beginning of the Games of Throne series, dragons have been a popular creature to hear about. Fans of the series may be found all throughout the world, and among their favorite aspects of the story are the dragons. Nonetheless, we must not overlook the cultural relevance of dragons not just in China but everywhere this fabled monster is beloved. Only a select group of painters have been able to do justice to their incredible beauty and majesty.

We tracked down the artist responsible for this incredible dragon sculpture, and he carved it out of wood with a chainsaw!

Even though you don’t normally associate a chainsaw with fine art, one look at this dragon seat will have you in awe. Igor Loskutow fashioned this seating area. He was born in Tallinn, Estonia (then part of the Soviet Union) and now lives and works in Bad Dürrheim, Southern Germany, where he represents Husqvarna and teaches wood carving. More than a dozen awards have been bestowed upon him since 2006, and in 2009, he took first place in the prestigious Fauna Carving Festival in the Netherlands.

With the help of his latest masterpiece, the breathtaking dragon bench, he is bound to attain even greater fame and fortune. One Reddit user noted, “Sh*t looks straight out of Skyrim,” while others made obvious references to Game of Thrones by dubbing it “Targaryen-approved.” If you’re hoping to give your garden a touch of class, this dragon bench is a great option to consider. What more could you want from something that is beautiful, mysterious, and awesome?

We have some photos of the making of this bench, so we thought we’d share them with you. Keep scrolling and you’ll see more examples of his earlier work that we’ve collected for you. In any case, keep going till the finish, and be sure to share your comments with us afterwards.

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