This butterfly’s wings have markings that look like the number ’88’, which is a symbol of good luck.


When we film at beautiful spots like Tatama National Park in Colombia’s rainforest, something amazing can happen.

At the park, Thomas Marent and David Weiller took amazing pictures of a beautiful and special butterfly.

The butterfly’s wings have a pattern on them that looks like the number 88, which is a lucky number.

In Chinese culture, 88 is considered to be a symbol of good luck.

Tutorming states that 8 is a lucky number in Chinese culture because it sounds like “wealth, fortune, and prosper” (發). Multiples of 8, like 88, sound like “double happiness” (囍).

This video shows a butterfly called an Anna’s Eighty-Eight or a Diaethria anna.

The Anna’s Eighty-Eight butterflies get their name because they have markings on their wings that look like a number 88.

The markings on this butterfly aren’t very clear or look like a lucky number, unlike the one below.

iNaturalist says that the Diaethria anna butterfly lives in damp areas in Central America.

Check out this awesome video shot in Colombia that has remarkable details!

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