This 63-year-old woman is considered ‘the most beautiful grandmother in the world. Watch when she turns around.


Yazemeenah Rossi is a French woman who has starred on the cover of magazines worldwide. She, however, did not start working as a model when she was a teenager, like most, but when she was over 30 years old.

Yazemeenah has taught us that you don’t have to be young to work as a model. And that has been demonstrated for 30 years.

Although she has been working in the fashion industry for years, it is a world for young people.

She was photographed by The Dreslyn, an underwear store and the Land of Women firm, the founder of “The Dreslyn” said: “I wanted a swimsuit advertisement with another perspective, showing that swimsuits do not always have than being sexist and that older women can also be models and carry out this type of advertising.”

He also explains why he chose Rossi:

“She is a woman with a lot of vitality and health. She is self-confident, a great artist and what I like the most about her is that she is always taking care of herself in all aspects. She is a wise woman and that she has had great experiences throughout her life, ”she explains.

“Age is an aptitude for me. If you have contact with your inner child and continue to be curious about life, he will automatically get new energy ”, Yazemeenah believes that he does not have “the magic key ” to stay young.

“I have never had surgery. I feel and look good so I don’t see the need to have surgery.”

“I use oil for the skin and apply vegetable oil to my hair. Once a week I do a skin peeling with olive oil and sugar. I eat avocado daily and I always eat organic meat and fish. I have been doing this type of ecological consumption for a long time, even before it became fashionable”, comments the model.

The founder of The Dreslyn said that this woman knows how to live life, always radiates health and vitality, and is knowledgeable.

What do you think of a woman being a model over 60 years old? Please leave us your opinion in the comments.

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