This 60-year-old woman chooses to change her look radically: now she is unrecognizable


Every person should be able to appreciate himself as he is. However, we mainly focus on perceiving the things we see as flaws to be bigger than they are or seeing more than they really are. We all have to learn to live with what we consider imperfections, but above all only by accepting them can we understand that they are not flaws, but characteristic features that allow us to distinguish ourselves.

However, as long as you can, in cases where you need to change imperfections, you can turn to make-up, like this woman who asked Christopher Hopkins, also known as Makeoverguy, for a real makeover.

The woman’s name is Debbie, she has almost reached the milestone of sixty, and she would like to change her look. Precisely for this reason, she cames to Christopher, an exceptional stylist, who did not wait any longer for her and immediately went to work to fulfill her wishes .

Debbie, in her life, has always making a real restyling, after so many years she has chosen not to hesitate anymore and to take this step . Her purpose wasn’t to look prettier or younger, ” I just wanted to be the best version of myself .” When she showed up at Christopher’s Minneapolis salon she had very curly hair with brown tips and white regrowth, but she didn’t believe there could be anyone who could totally transform her .

She walked into the beauty salon, sat on the chair, looked at the stylist and said ” do what you want “. The make-up artist has created a real masterpiece , the new Debbie is unrecognizable.

Everything was recorded and uploaded to the stylist’s YouTube page (Makeoverguy). The clip ends with her looking in the mirror and not recognizing herself, and can’t wait to see the reaction of her daughter and her husband. When she returns from an interview with a new version of Debbie who claims to be her after all, they are sure to mistake it for a different person.

This woman made this decision in order to be comfortable with herself. Do you think this may be the right behavior and do you think we should accept ourselves as we are?

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