Thirty Random Clever Vandalism Pranks


When it comes to vandalism, if it isn’t people actually destroying cities, many people feel that some street art can be humorous rather than criminal. What about “culture jamming” and public activism? Even though these acts of civil disobedience may be illegal, should the people involved be treated in the same way as other criminals?

Do you have a funny prank or artwork you’d like to share? This list has it all – from illegal art installations to wall murals and graffiti! Vote on the ones you think are the funniest or upload your own cool artwork or images from your friends. It’s a great way to make boring city streets more exciting!

1 Amazing graffiti art featuring Ant-Man and Yellow Jacket.

2 Whoever put this artwork in the men’s bathroom must be really talented!

3 Who did this? It’s hilarious!

4 This person is really determined!

5 Canadian graffiti art!

6 Don’t touch.

7 One in three snakes.

8 Doing Kung Fu Fighting.

9 I discovered this in the bathroom near the band hall of my school.

10 Unkind.

11 Artful graffiti.

12 Calvin and Hobbes.

13 I spotted this staircase at school, and I did what I had to do.

14 A few pleasant ones.

15 Bright.

16 I ate some sausage.

17 I have diabetes.

18 This art on the street grabbed my attention.

19 An unidentified flying object attacked.

20 I don’t usually laugh at vandalism, but this made me laugh.

21 Whoever did this, I admire them.

22 Graffiti on trains in beautiful Belgium.

23 Oops, my bad.

24 Whoever you are and how drunk you were, you should be proud of yourself.

25 Ghostbusters!

26 People from the middle class damaging property.

27 A popular arcade game from the 1980s.

28 Artwork on the streets of Olsztyn, Poland.

29 People who hack ads don’t like Apple.

30 Appears to be very large.

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