They use plastic bags as balloons to celebrate their dad’s birthday.


These little ones found no obstacles to celebrate their father’s birthday despite not having money. “They made balloons out of plastic bags and wrote ‘happy birthday dad’ and even made an egg cake,” a neighbor said.

Everyone in the world has different ways of celebrating their birthdays. Many develop simple traditions, others prefer to spend it accompanied by a select group or their family. However, with the constant use of social networks and influencers, we can see that birthday parties where “the house is thrown out the window” are becoming more common. They are luxurious celebrations filled with balloons, lights, cakes and all with meticulous decoration.

Even so, not everything is about luxuries, because sometimes the most precious gifts come in simpler presentations. There are those who, despite not having monetary power, strive to show all their love in the smallest details.

An example of this happened in the Philippines, where a group of children decided to organize themselves to surprise their father on his birthday.

The family’s economic situation is not the best and unfortunately they do not have a home full of luxuries. However, they have plenty of dedication and they took advantage of their free time to decorate their house with plastic bags as if they were balloons and write beautiful messages. It was definitely a beautiful way to show love and appreciation to the one who cares for them.

The images were shared by Melody Silang on Facebook , who was moved to see what was happening in her neighborhood.

“My neighbors are surprised because although life is hard, they were able to make an effort for their father’s birthday. His plan was to surprise his father when he arrived because he was still at work. This touched my heart. They made balloons out of plastic bags and wrote ‘happy birthday daddy’ and even made an egg cake.”

This is definitely an expression of the immense love that children feel towards their father. But above all, an example of good upbringing, because despite not having much, there is no impediment to meet and show everything they love each other.

Luckily the post went viral and caused many moved people to make a donation, it was then that everyone was able to eat a delicious cake. However, it was never necessary because the father was very grateful for the beautiful gesture of his children.

Definitely this anecdote speaks of how ingenious the little ones were. The most important thing were the messages of love, pure demonstrations of great affection that would bring at least a couple of tears to anyone.

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