They throw a mother with her five children from a restaurant for misconduct.


This mother of five complained about the treatment she received at a restaurant in Spain, accusing them of not being suitable for her children. The owner of the place came out to defend himself.

We all know that going out with children for a walk is a difficult task, especially in a restaurant. Kids can get bored while waiting for their food, plus not all places have a play area for them to play. For this reason, it is not surprising that children look for alternatives to avoid getting bored, so they play with what they have at hand. However, they are still children, so parents have to watch them and teach them proper behavior in limited and specific spaces. Still, not everyone has the same idea of ​​care.

An example of this was the case of a woman who decided to go eat with her five young children. But what had to be a happy family moment ended up being kicked out of the premises thanks to the misbehavior of the minors.

The mother shared the story, as she complained on social networks and went against the restaurant for showing “little patience” when deciding to throw her and her children out.

“We have gone to have a snack with five children and we have asked each one for their drink. When they finished, they began to play outside, at a specific moment a child brushed his foot against the wall and since he bothered them, they invited us to leave, ”she wrote. “Place not suitable for children,” concluded the mother.

“We don’t want children to spend all day with mobile phones and tablets, but with this type of society that we are becoming where the laughter of children’s games is annoying, I see that we don’t have many other options. Unfortunate,” added the woman.

However, the restaurant’s owner, located in Granada, Spain, did not remain silent in the face of the accusations. He gave his own version of the facts and declared that the children trampled on the wall of his premises on more than one occasion and had other worse attitudes.

“The children can play and shout all they want, that’s what they are children for, it would take more, but when the children kick the wall repeatedly until it turns black,” said the manager.

“When they throw a blackboard against a window and hang from a wooden post, about to break both, the most logical and normal thing is that, as the owner of the establishment, I ask them to control the children,” he continued explaining.

“To which they reply that I have to put up with it because they are consuming, put up with your children at home and teach them respect and education because not everything is worth it. Until never ”, she closed.

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