They stopped being a nun and a father to being together after 7 years of the religion.


Tomás and Massiel felt that religious life was not for them, and they gave up the habit. After hearing the news from each other, they started dating, and this ended in romance.

Love has many ways of manifesting itself in life. Some stories may be worthy of being taken to Hollywood, and others seem to have been taken from the screen. However, sometimes reality is stranger than fiction.

An example of this is the case of Massiel and Tomás, two young Mexicans who were the protagonists of a love story that moved social networks. As reported by Debate, Tomás shared his story on his TikTok account, starting with how he gave up the habit of love. As Selena Quintanilla said, the perfect definition of forbidden love whispers through the streets.

After studying for seven years to become a priest, Tomás met Massiel. For her part, she was also studying in a convent to take the vows of faith later.

Although both met before leaving religious life, they fully dedicated themselves to apostolic tasks. During the seven years of the seminary, Tomás dedicated himself to service activities, and with Massiel, he began to develop a beautiful friendship.

However, as time passed, Tomás discovered that this life was not for him, and he left the church. At that moment, a coincidence happened that seemed to be the work of fate: he found out that Massiel had also stopped being a nun.

Thanks to this, they decided to reconnect. Tomás was intrigued about Massiel’s reasons for leaving the convent, so they had a couple of outings.

Little by little, what seemed like a friendship became more as they got to know each other. One day, Tomás discovered that he was totally in love with Massiel.

“The thing is that I saw her, and I saw her very different, very pretty with her beautiful smile and her unique way of dressing. I don’t know, but it all really started when we started talking. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen those movies where the person speaks and I don’t know, the other doesn’t listen to them but just watches them,” she commented in a video.

Since then, the couple has become well known on social networks, where they regularly upload videos about their romance and their particular life story.

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