They reveal a statue of “El Canelo” in his childhood town, and the Argentines make fun of him.


The boxer Saúl Álvarez is the target of ridicule from Argentines after he published the revelation of a statue in his honor in Jalisco.

The Mexican boxer, known worldwide as “El Canelo”, has been celebrating his long career and achievements in his hometown of Juanacatlán, Jalisco. The Argentines saw the party that brought him happiness and close moments with his followers as an opportunity to go against him due to his “quarrel” with soccer player Messi.

It is not something new that Saúl “El Canelo” Álvarez gives something to talk about. At 32 years old, he is already positioned as a boxing star, accumulating a great fortune that he invests in various businesses or mega-parties for his family. In addition, he is also a personality who does not hesitate to express what he feels or thinks about anything.

However, “El Canelo” is on everyone’s lips after a statue was unveiled in his honor in his hometown, Juanacatlán, Jalisco. The athlete attended the ceremony for the 124th anniversary of its municipalization and the 360th anniversary of the place’s founding.

Even though the boxer, who is one of the best today, was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, since he was five years old, he lived in Juanacatlán. Therefore, this celebration in that place is highly significant to him since it is the place of his childhood.

The statue of Álvarez is located on the Juanacatlán boardwalk, which was remodeled under the charge of the architect Roberto Campos. It is made of bronze and measures 2.30 meters on a 1.4-meter base.

Although it was an emotional moment for “El Canelo”, several Argentines found the opportunity to make fun of him. In the publication where the boxer shared the moment, several users rubbed Argentina’s triumph in the World Cup.

“Argentina champion of the world”, wrote a user initially from Argentina, while others wrote “Argentina, champion, Messi, champion” and “champions, dad. Great Messi”.

However, the fans of “El Canelo” came out in his defense and answered in the comments: “the noses are coming again. You left them traumatized, now they are your fans”, “many Argentines are still on fire, their complexes are evident in the comments” and “Argentines do not surpass their father ‘El Canelo’”.

Other people highlighted the boxer’s career by writing that “‘El Canelo’ has more world titles than Messi” and “Mexico, the best in the world” and “I hope they give more recognition to the champions that Mexico has given in the box than to the footballers”.

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