They make fun of a worker for eating from a container of detergent: “at least he won’t have bacteria”


The TikTok platform has become a social network where you can find all kinds of content, in addition to which now many people come in search of answers to many problems, as well as to share all kinds of things, from videos or funny experiences to things more serious, even real-life cases.

Like what happened with a worker who ended up being a trend for being mocked by his co-workers, all because, during lunchtime, someone was eating in a rather unusual Tupperware.


The video quickly went viral and many users began to share it and comment on it. The user @ josegarcia.jodasdeobra was the one who uploaded the video of a worker eating during construction breaks. What he found interesting is that he was eating from a container of dishwashing soap.

“When your wife reduces your prey and saves on the tupperware in difficult times,” says the description of the video that shows what happened.


♬ sonido original – Jose Abrahan Garcia Rios

Obviously, it is not uncommon to take Tupperware to work. In fact, there is a general joke about office workers and their relationship with this type of container to transport their food, however, in this case, some jokes began to appear.

The video only has a short duration but it has more than 2.8 million views until the worker realizes that he is being recorded, however, only that was necessary to open a debate about the hygiene of the Tupperware, in addition to other nasty comments intentional.


“At least he sent her food, that woman is worth gold”, “But he is happy with his little food table”, some commented to defend him, while others took it with some humour.

“The soda comes in its Clorox bottle. At least his food will not have bacteria”, “They sent him in that taper because he sure does not return the tapers” and “Ayudín’s taper and the backpack of the initial son are part of the uniform,” they mentioned in the publication.

In fact, many people felt identified by the humble recipient and told that they went through something similar at some point in their lives.

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