They found the “biggest spider in the world” eating a frog and recorded it on video.


Sujay Shah, a 25-year-old man residing in Jalpaiguri – India, recorded the show. Sujay entered the bathroom of his house and observed “The biggest spider in the world” as he dragged a frog along the wall to eat it.

The young man is a science student and passionate about nature. Therefore, as soon as he saw the action, he did not hesitate to take out his phone and start recording. For him, witnessing such a strange event in nature was very impressive and exciting. In addition to the shock, he had to see the large size of the spider, “I had never seen one like it before,” Sujay said.

The video was broadcast on social networks. In a few hours, it went viral, reaching the eyes of Jason Dunlop and Peter Jäger, arachnid experts at the Museum of Natural History in Berlin, Germany. Both experts agreed that these giant spiders could eat small vertebrates such as birds, frogs, mice, lizards, and even snakes, unlike the rest of the spiders that generally eat insects.

If you want to see the video, access it here:

This species of spider can be found in areas with tropical climates. However, its appearance has been recorded in countries such as the US, China, Japan, and, recently, India. Quite curious, isn’t it?… remember to share with your friends.

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