They criticize him for taking care of his girlfriend’s baby. “I knew the baby was in the package”

No one can control the emotions and the circumstances in which situations in life are presented to us. They happen, and day by day, we assume responsibility for the acts we commit.

This young man, only 27 years old, met who he considered the love of his life and made the most criticized decision ever seen on social networks.

Today we live in a very different society from years ago when many couples decided to continue together without feeling the same love, affection, and respect for their partner, simply for pretending.

Today things are very different since in homes, we find parents of the same sex, where there is only one parent, or the minors are left in the care of the grandparents.

This case revolutionized social networks because Edgar and Carol met through the Uber application.

“I fell in love with her as soon as I saw her.”

After a few days, Edgar takes the initiative and begins to correspond with Carol until they agree on a date, and that is when Edgar finds out that she is pregnant.

“To me that didn’t make any difference.”

Carol had a very toxic relationship with her daughter’s biological father, when she found out that she was pregnant, the whole relationship turned violent, and she decided to get away from him completely and have her daughter alone.

“When Edgar came into my life I felt alone and lost, he was my pass to land, he gave me back the illusion, love and affection that a couple gives you.”

At the moment when Edgar advertises his relationship and that he will be a father, but of a baby that he did not father, it did not take long for humiliating and negative comments to begin to arrive for the couple and especially for Edgar.

Most of the comments came from men who didn’t understand how he could want to care for a daughter who wasn’t his.

“I do not feel that father is the one who fathered you, I did not grow up with my biological father, I have no memory with him, so why should I call him dad? For my dad he is the one who raises, who is with you day and night, who takes care of you when you are sick. He cries your bad moments and is always by your side, living your victories and supporting you in every step you decide to take ”.

Although for many, these arguments are not valid. For this beautiful family, they are enough. Lara came into the world having parents who would surely take care of her and fill her with love every day.

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