They could hardly wait for their little girl to be born


The parents said their newborn had a birthmark on a third of her face, making her look like Batman.

Upon Natalie’s arrival, Andrew, 34, and Lacey Jackson, 35, were surprised to see a big mask-shaped mark on her forehead, nose, and around her left eye.

When the nurse lifted the newborn after she was born via C-section on January 9, the parents expressed feeling “overwhelmed with panic.”

According to Mrs. Jackson, doctors are worried that Natalie’s birthmark will keep growing and cause health issues. The couple is also concerned that as she gets older, she might face unkind treatment.

“Hearing her first cry was incredibly beautiful,” the mother said of the birth. After my C-section, the nurse raised our child up, and I noticed the large black bruise on the left side of her face.

She looked beautiful, but I noticed a bruise on her, and I worried that it might be because of something I did while I was pregnant.

She mentioned that the medics confirmed it was just a birthmark, and that the baby was breathing and in good health.

Mrs. Jackson started to fret about how others would perceive the birthmark while holding her baby, who weighed 7lb 1oz.

She described how she felt as she embraced her baby daughter, worried that others might only focus on her birthmark instead of seeing the beautiful person she would become.

I decided then that we would show her unconditional love and boost her confidence, so she could realize her beauty and achieve all her dreams.

Mr. Jackson, originally from Hull, relocated to Sioux Falls, South Dakota, with his wife. He is employed at a software company, while Mrs. Jackson works as an autopsy technician.

Elliott, aged seven, and Devin, aged four, are the older children of the couple. Upon meeting their newborn sister, the kids created a special superhero nickname for her.

Mrs. Jackson responded to one of the boys who asked, “What’s that on her face, mummy?” I explained to him that it was her superhero costume and assured them that she had special abilities because of it.

We completely agree when people say she is beautiful and her birthmark is amazing.

The family stated that they will constantly remind her that her birthmark is a part of her identity and her future. People will forever remember her for being special because of her birthmark, and also for her inner and outer beauty.

Natalie’s parents visited an eye specialist, who is skilled in identifying eye problems, one week after her birth.

They made sure the birthmark wasn’t affecting her vision by taking her to a dermatologist, a skin specialist, and having her undergo an MRI scan.

Natalie encounters various health issues as she matures due to the deformity, yet her parents have unexpectedly chosen not to eliminate their daughter’s black mark.

Natalie’s parents paid no attention to the strangers who were staring at their toddler on the street.

They think that “being unique is amazing” and that she should accept her birthmark in order to grow stronger because of it.

Mrs. Jackson explained that the dermatologist told us it was a birthmark, but it would continue to grow with her, thus always covering a large portion of her face.

Although her birthmark increases her chances of developing melanoma, a form of skin cancer, because of the potential growth of abnormal cells, it brought immense relief.

She may encounter difficulties, but her strong character suggests she will overcome any obstacles that come her way.

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