They capture a lizard sunbathing most fantastically.


The story of this lizard changed from heaven to earth. After being on the verge of death while living in a forest and being rescued by Hidayat, this adorable man took care of him and treated him as one more family member.

This relaxed lizard posed uniquely, showing the whole world perfectly how these friendly little animals relax and enjoy a lovely sunny afternoon.

In the photos published by its owner, which were captured in the backyard of his home, this cold-blooded chameleon is seen lying on its side and supporting its head with its arm while reclining and absorbing the rays of the sun that are so indispensable for everyone.

His light-colored belly could be appreciated, peacefully enjoying the grass on the patio of his home for more than two years.

“He adapted without problems, he felt that this was his home and that he was going to be cared for correctly, it was very easy to love him and now he is one more member of our family.”

This family hails from Padang in West Sumatra, Indonesia.

When the photos were published, millions of people were amazed by the peculiar way the chameleon appeared, so confident and relaxed. Many would like to have that level of peace.

Although many others were surprised to see the similarity in the way, the chameleon rested with that of some humans.

Do not forget to share this publication and, above all, let us know your comment about the impudence of this chameleon in showing himself to the world so peaceful and full of comfort. I am sure that he is the envy of many at this moment.

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