They blocked off the road after realizing what this elephant was carrying with its trunk


They blocked off the road after realizing what this elephant was carrying with its trunk.

Elephants are incredibly unique animals. After years of thorough research and observation, scientists have found that elephants mourn in a way that closely resembles humans.

George Wittemyer, a conservation biologist from Colorado State University, who has extensively researched elephants, mentioned to National Geographic that elephants hold a deep reverence for their deceased companions. However, the exact nature of their connection with the deceased remains a mystery to us.

He mentioned that these animals respond emotionally when one of their group passes away, showing their remarkable emotional intelligence.

Parveen Kaswan, a Twitter user, recently posted a video that once again demonstrated elephants’ ability to mourn the loss of life. Not only do they bury the bodies, but they also display reverence towards the bones in the future.

The video displays several individuals and cars stopped in the middle of the road because a group of elephants is passing through.

The bystanders were intrigued when they saw an elephant holding something with its trunk. Upon closer inspection, they discovered it was a deceased baby elephant.

The group of animals came to a halt and carefully laid the lifeless calf on the ground, while the others gathered close.

Kaswan wrote in the caption that the family refuses to leave the baby, comparing the scene to a funeral procession.

While they traveled further, a different animal used its trunk to carry away the lifeless baby.

To witness the amazing moment, check out the video below.

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