These solar globes generate 400 times more energy than ordinary panels.


Forget the conventional solar panels, flat with a rectangular texture, the future embraces new alternative projects and opens up to rounded but far more productive shapes.

The Cool Earth company has developed solar globes that are able to produce up to 400 times more energy than traditional panels: this is a great revolution, also revealed by the Clean Energy XXI report.
The extraordinary production of these innovative tools for renewable energy is mainly due to the spherical shape and composition of the structure, capable of withstanding the wind force of 100 miles per hour, moreover the surface is equipped with a protection system that protects against rain, bugs and dirt.

Solar globes are very productive and very economical!

The solar globes are two meters in diameter and are capable of generating 500 watts of energy, but what is further upsetting is that their market value is less than $ 2.
Furthermore, with the increase in energy production, maintenance costs are considerably reduced, which are very low and this makes solar globes very competitive on the market, even comparable to the production of energy from fossil sources.

This technology represents a great opportunity for farmers who could use the fields dedicated to sowing for the installation of solar globes, thus fully exploiting their convenience.

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