The zoo has welcomed two new polar bear cubs and their mother is keeping them warm with cuddles.


Wow, she’s a great mom!

It is upsetting and aggravating to watch various animals become extinct.

We know that humans are the main cause of this.

We can always blame poachers for animal extinction, but even if we don’t take care of nature, it can still lead to animals becoming extinct.

It seems like we were only given the task of taking care of the environment, but we ended up failing.

No use worrying about what has already happened; we need to act quickly to keep them safe.

Many groups, teams, and organizations have worked hard to try and protect endangered species.

They also urge people to act in a responsible way to support their cause.

The Toledo Zoo & Aquarium in Ohio keeps endangered species with the goal of helping them have more babies and increase their population.

The zoo was delighted to share the news that an endangered species had been born under their care.

The white polar bear is at risk of becoming endangered in the United States.

The population of the Toledo Zoo is estimated to be between 22,000 and 31,000. They had two adult polar bears that could breed with each other.

Crystal, a 24-year-old polar bear, has recently had her 8th and 9th babies.

The zoo asked the Polar Bear Species Survival Program for help, and the agency suggested that Crystal mate with a male polar bear in order to help grow their population.

Nuka, an 18-year-old male, was welcomed into their zoo last March.

Crystal and Nuka had babies together – they had twins!

The Toledo Zoo posted a great announcement on their Facebook page.

They had twin cubs for the first time in ten years.

If the aim is to increase the population, it’s great news to see two babies born at once!

The zoo officials said they were not able to tell if the cubs were male or female yet.

Crystal is doing her best to take care of the cubs, who are happy and safe in their den with her. This is very exciting news for the Toledo Zoo and the TZA Community, according to Toledo Zoo’s Curator of Mammals Michael Frushour in the video.

People from all over the world expressed their joy in the comments section!

People who are old enough remember all the exciting news the zoo shared about Crystal’s babies.

They praised the mama bear and expressed their gratitude for her giving birth to the cubs, which may help to boost their numbers.

People praised her for being a good mom.

She was shown in the video cuddling the cubs gently, holding them close to her body so they would stay warm.

Crystal had given birth to many babies, but she still treated her latest ones with the same care and love as if it was the first time. She was an amazing mother!

The Toledo Zoo & Aquarium said that they will show the cubs to the public in Spring of 2021.

By then, they would know if they were a boy or a girl and even know their names. For the moment, the two must sleep and stay warm in their den through the winter. They also need to get bigger and stronger, so they are prepared for the outside world.

Check out the zoo’s announcement below and subscribe to their YouTube channel for some super cute livestreams from the bear den.

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