The Worst Hairstyles Ever (50 Pics)


If you’ve ever had one, chances are it stuck with you—whether as a funny photo you’d want to never see again, a cringe-worthy incident etched into your memory, or a comment a friend made that led to a brand-new nickname for you. Yes, I’m referring to a poor haircut.

While the pandemic was a legendary age for DIY haircuts gone awry, blunder years and your regular hairdresser being on vacation increase the odds of you getting a humorous hairstyle tenfold, if not a hundredfold. But, while we may suffer through a lousy haircut in quiet until it grows back, we’d rather joke about it since why be so severe?

And there’s a Reddit subreddit called ‘Just [Fudge] My [Stuff] Up,’ whose original name we can’t say since it’s just as spicy as you’d expect. The group is dedicated to “jacked up hairstyles from all walks of life,” from mullets (aka business in the front, party in the back) to bowl cuts.

We’ve chosen some more unique, strange, and downright hilarious ones to enjoy! Psst! More terrible, horrible, and worse haircuts may be found in our prior postings, which can be seen here, here, and here.

1 The Moustache/Soul Patch Combination

2 If you landed in his hair, you’d survive a 500-foot fall.

If you landed in his hair, you’d survive a 500-foot fall.

3 How Do You Feel About My Bangs?

Do you think my bangs are cute?

You may be wondering what the distinction is between avant-garde and a trashy hairstyle. After all, they should both stand out and have a distinctive twist. However, according to Giuliano Dore, creator of Getting Groomed, whom Bored Panda interviewed some time ago, it all comes down to the concentration on details and the core philosophy of the haircut.

“You’d think hairstyles like the bowl cut would never be hot. Wrong. It’s happening, and because of excellent hairstylists, we’re seeing a lot of hipsters donning a very trendy bowl. It’s all about pattern, symmetry, and (sometimes) controlled asymmetry. “If I notice spotty haircuts, holes, or damaged hairlines, I’m going to presume the worst,” he explained.

4 Helmet

5 I can smell it from where I am.

6 My Local Senate Candidate’s Beard Is Trying To Get Away From His Face

My local Senate candidate’s beard is attempting to elude him.

Sometimes, we can’t blame anybody else but ourselves for a lousy haircut. Yes, pandemic hair, we’re talking about you! If you like to save money by cutting your hair at home, Giuliano suggests making a safe choice. All of those outlandish hairstyles are better left to the pros.

For example, “same-level buzz cuts are a safe bet.” Home is not the place for daring haircuts. For example, doing a 0 to 2 high skin fade on your own will not work. Even professional barbers do not do it themselves. “I know this because they book each other on our app,” Giuliano said. He also advised avoiding sharp instruments such as razor blades; those clippers are your greatest friend when cutting your hair at home.

7 Full Scorpion

8 Give Me That New Tarmac Look

9 Me in High School

Even if you still want to spend as much time as necessary hiding beneath a cover, remember that a terrible haircut is just that—a haircut. Whatever you’re feeling now, you’ll have something to laugh about tomorrow since hair has the magical ability to regrow!

10 Family is Important

11, Please Make It Look Like The Picture

12 Who Permitted Them To Leave The House Like This?

Consider expressing something respectfully like, “I’m not sure I want all those layers. Could you kindly soften them to make them less noticeable?” Also, consider providing a more specific explanation, such as how much length to remove and pointing to the locations where you want layers or fades. Also, tell them what you don’t like! This can make a significant difference in preventing a terrible haircut in the first place.

13 Man, My Mom Was Hot Back In The Day!

14 Johnny Bravo Is Never Too Old To Rock

15 What The F**k Is Going On?

However, there are situations when it is simply too late. You walk out of the salon, realizing that this is how you will look for the next several months. That is not entirely correct. Your hair may appear strange after a haircut since the cuticles have been exposed and require time to settle. The ultimate result may take a few days and up to three washes later that week, so patience is essential.

16 +10 Speed

17 This Lollipop Guild Alumnus in Divorce Court

18 That’s Some F**ky Hair.

19 Give Me That Spaghetti Look” British MP Michael Fabricant.

20 She Reminds Me of Someone…nevertheless, I’m Making A Blank On Who

21 Iraqi TV Hairstyles Rock,

22 Jfmsu 1960s Edition.

23 She Just Left The Paint Booth.

24 Ladies and gentlemen, the richest man on the planet

25 Gotta Learn To Share

26 Whoever Did It To Em Bogus Was

27 noticed this in the DMV

28 I’m Stunned

29 Ummm

30 Guide to Haircutting in a 1970s Barbershop

31 Which clowns are these?

32 Just give me the craziest Karen look you can imagine, please.

33 Jfmsu Victorian Edition.

34 Elon Musk’s new hairstyle looks much worse from the back

35 Younger Putin Has His St Fked Up: Little Has Changed Over Time

36 My coworker claims it is genuine.

37 Toothbrush

38 Is This Countable?

39 Kill It With Fire.

40 F I ? R C?

41 Fresh Cut Seen on BBC Sunday Morning

42 Last night, watching Blade 2, I noticed Ron Perlman sporting an insane wraparound goatee.

43 Johnny Bravo n°

44 This Woman I Saw on an HBO Documentary

45 I discovered a 1998 hairstyles book at a secondhand shop.

46 Dj Khaled Legit Appears To Be A Hairless Guy In A Costume Heading To A Halloween Party With A 70s Theme

47 This Vertical Half-Bald Cut.

48 This hairstyle was chosen by Dude to Promote on Instagram.

49 When I Googled “Mullet Black Man,” this is what I found.

50 Maisie Williams, at the 2022 Met Gala

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