The World’s Grumpiest Frogs: The African Rain Frogs


If you take one glance at these frogs, your first question could be, “What caused these creatures to be so depressed?” It’s not true, though; it’s just how these black rain frogs seem. These frogs are indigenous to Africa’s southern coast. They occupy tunnel homes that are about six inches deep.

The African rain frog is unusual because, while being small, it can expand to a maximum length of two inches. These frogs are members of a species that lives at the edges of forests and caves. They don’t require the presence of open water in order to exist, for this reason. When threatened, these critters inflate up and adopt an aggressive stance by expanding their bodies.

The African rain frog inflate up while it burrows because predators will find it difficult to haul the animal out of its hole due to the larger body size. A sticky material is expelled by the female African rain frog during mating season to keep the male from jumping off its back. The term “adhesive amplexus” refers to this phenomena.

This illustrates the female’s resistance to letting go of the male rain frog. Perhaps we now refer to it as loyalty. The male stays within the burrow to defend the eggs after the female has laid them inside until the newborn African rain frogs hatch. Share these beautiful images with your relatives and friends as soon as possible.

As sad as an African rain frog.

Grumpy is my middle name.

Like a creature that came right out of a horror movie.

Just chilling on top of some moss.

Now, aren’t I a chubby frog?

Just look at how sad those eyes are.

An animal? Or a lump of coal?


Looking like a character from a pokemon series.

Now, this is the definition of creepy.

Imagine waking up to this face.

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