The ‘World’s First AI Photographer’ Undercuts Professional Photographers.


There is a company using artificial intelligence (AI) that promises to eliminate the need for expensive photographers. They offer a budget-friendly solution to create various types of images for users.

A company called Photo AI is calling itself the “world’s first AI photographer.” It allows users to upload 30 or more photos of themselves or someone else to train the program. After completing the training, users can enter a text prompt, and the program will generate the desired image of the model.

According to Photo AI, their Synthetic Photo Studio tool enables users to create numerous images conveniently from the comfort of their own home.

Pieter Levels, the creator of Photo AI, claims that Photo AI is the world’s first AI Photographer and Synthetic Photo Studio.

The concept behind Photo AI is that virtual photo shoots are more cost-effective and time-efficient compared to real-life photo shoots. By conducting shoots virtually, users can save money on expenses such as hiring models, travel costs for the team, equipment, and the location of the shoot.

Levels provides specific examples of how using AI can lead to cost savings compared to hiring a real photographer.

According to Levels, if you hire a photographer on your own, it can cost you between $250 and $1,500 per shoot, and you would typically receive around 75 to 100 photos.

Levels further explains that with the Pro plan offered by Photo AI, users can receive 1,000 photos per month. This is equivalent to approximately 10 regular photo shoots. In comparison, if these were real photo shoots, it would typically cost between $2,500 and $15,000. Therefore, using Photo AI is approximately 100 to 500 times cheaper than booking a real photographer.

The company states that their AI technology can be utilized for various purposes, including creating passport-style photos, headshots, and even maternity images.

The company highlights the convenience of using Photo AI by mentioning the ability to try on clothes that you’re unsure about without needing to visit multiple clothing stores. They claim that Photo AI enables users to explore clothing options virtually.

Levels adds that Photo AI can also be beneficial for generating attractive photos of oneself for social media purposes, particularly for influencers or individuals seeking to enhance their Tinder profiles. He emphasizes that the tool is not limited to professional use but is designed for everyone to enjoy.

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