The woman that became a mother to the orphaned baby elephants at Nairobi Kenya


The main character of this beautiful story, Dame Daphne Sheldrick, was a Kenyan of British descent, conservationist and expert in animal husbandry. Lot’s of calves got orphaned at the Nairobi Elephant Orphanage in Kenya in case their families were hunted for their ivory. These babies were taken care of by Dame Daphne along with a team of dedicated conservationists. For over 40 years, she had hand-reared and prepared newborn elephants to return to the wild at her elephant orphanage near Nairobi. She milked the cute babies with a milk formula that simulates a mother elephant’s milk developed by herself. She says that the elephants have encouraged her to pioneer conservation work through the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. Her words say that these elegant creatures have taught her how to overcome negative aspects while leading a positive life. Also watching how elephants face the challenges, how they overcome them have made her much stronger.

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