The woman asked the dog where the cat was, and the dog hilariously revealed its hiding place.


Ha, that’s a great place to hide!?

Cats can be very good at finding secret spots to hide.

If you couldn’t find something, would you consider asking the dog?

Melanie searched for her cat, Chippy, and asked her Bernese Mountain Dog, Theodore, if he had seen him.

Theodore was lying on his bed with an innocent expression, but it was clear he was hiding something.

Melanie asked Theodore, her dog, where Chippy was.

It seemed like Theodore was going to act like he didn’t know anything, judging by the way he was lying down and the expression on his face.

He stayed down and gave Mom a look that made her feel bad for asking.

However, there is a delightful surprise…

Theodore’s head appears and shows where Chippy has been hiding the whole time.

Theodore has been keeping his cat brother a secret by keeping him under him the entire time!

Chippy found a place to take a nap in the dog’s soft and cozy fur.

As one viewer commented:

That cat has an amazing bodyguard who will always keep it safe.

Theodore wanted Chippy to cuddle with him without stopping.

Once Theodore realized it was time to stop, he showed lots of love to his friend.

He started to give Chippy kisses and licks right away.

It’s not quite clear if Chippy liked it or was annoyed by it, but it’s really cute.

Did Theodore know what Chippy’s response would be? He wasn’t planning to let him go soon.

Chippy tried to get out of bed, but Theodore put his paw in the way, blocking Chippy from leaving.

Chippy is not stuck.

His mom said that Chippy must really like cuddling if he’s letting himself be hugged like this.

People were overwhelmed with emotion at the strong bond between Theodore and Chippy.

Someone wrote that the cat seemed mad, but really it was enjoying the attention.

This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen when it comes to animals, I absolutely adore it, another viewer said.

People joked about it.

They suggested that Chippy might have been really happy to see their mom since he had been hidden under all that fur for a long time!

Another person said:

The last thing I saw was their face saying “Hooman, please get me out of here right now!” ?

Do you think Chippy enjoyed being held by his dog sibling?

Melanie is fortunate that Theodore and Chippy are friends.

Dogs and cats don’t usually get along, which is very strange.

They are not enemies, but they display different types of body language.

Dogs may see something as friendly, but cats may see it as an attack.

It is important to make the transition of both animals into their new home together as smooth as possible.

Having patience is important for having a calm home.

After you finish the work, you will get lots of love, laughter, and cuddles.

Check out this funny and cute scene between Theodore and Chippy in the video below!

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