The whole miracle of a human pregnancy in just 4 minutes (Video)


A woman’s pregnancy usually lasts 40 weeks, or about nine months, and is divided into three parts, called trimesters.

During the first trimester, the mother may experience mood swings, heartburn or nausea.

At just four weeks, the unborn baby develops a brain and spinal cord, is called a fetus, and is only about 1/25th of an inch! At eight weeks, all of his major organs begin to form.

The unborn child will measure around one inch in length and have its own heartbeat. When the first trimester was through,the fetus could now make a fist! Also, you can tell its gender since the external organs are visible.

About three centimeters long and thirty grams in weight, the fetus! At the beginning of the second trimester (12 weeks), the musculoskeletal system of the fetus continues to grow.

The skin is translucent and the embryo is about 5 inches long. The fetus is much more active at 20 weeks and has already grown some hair.

Halfway through 40 weeks, the fetus is about 6 inches long and weighs about 270 grams. We could go on about the development of the fetus until it is born – but it’s better to see the whole process in just four minutes!

Watch the video below:

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