The viral reaction of a family when finding 300 kilos of acorns on the walls of their house


They hired a fumigator to eliminate the presence of supposed worms, but their surprise was great when they discovered something different.

In the USA, something happened that caught my attention. And it is that a Californian family was very surprised to discover that on the walls of one of the rooms of their house, there were more than 300 kilos of acorns that some woodpeckers hid. Find out all the details of the case in this note from Mag.

The address is in Sonoma, one of the wine production centres in California. Upon seeing the gruesome scene, they called Nick Castro, owner of Nick’s Extreme Pest Control, who verified that the alleged worms were flour worms, so he decided to make a hole of 10 centimetres and saw that they were having a tremendous feast with what was inside the walls.

The fumigator’s surprise was when he saw hundreds of accumulated acorns, and when he began to extract them, they kept coming out. Two woodpeckers stored just over 300 kilos of these accumulated, which he discovered.

Watch the viral video here.

Surprised by an impossible find

So Nick went toFacebookwhere he shared photos and videos of this bizarre thing done with this message: “I came across this at work. The birds were a bit hoarding. He filled about eight garbage bags with acorns that weighed about 700 pounds. Unreal, I never came across anything like this ,” he wrote, still shocked.

When the publication went viral, the fumigator explained why, yes or yes, they are this type of bird: “a bird was actually crazy. We saw it there when we took more out of the holes”, in addition to stating that these animals have great intelligence, as well as strong and hard beaks.

The undetectable acorns of woodpeckers

In an interview for CNN, Nick, with 20 years in fumigation, revealed that the birds found a hiding place in a hole in the chimney, the perfect place to keep all the acorns they found, estimating that this happened about two or five years.

“I had never seen worms with acorns. It was amazing to see how many… every day there can be weird things with the creative ways bugs get into homes. They can still fool us from time to time…it’s a one in a million chance… I didn’t expect to find quite as many as this; ,” she explained.

Nick also insisted that woodpeckers usually store acorns outside, rarely inside houses, so he had to cut three holes in the walls to get all of them out.

What are acorns?

The acorn or lande is a characteristic fruit of the species of Quercus. Numerous tree species give acorns within this genus, such as oak, holm oak, cork oak, gall oak and Pyrenean oak. Squirrels prefer these fruits.

Are the acorns for human consumption?

For the acorn to be used for human consumption, it must be previously processed to remove or neutralize the tannins (or tannic acid), which give the acorn a bitter taste and are toxic to humans.

Why is it called a woodpecker?

Woodpeckers get their name from how they forage for food: strike tree trunks with their strong beaks and chisel holes in the wood. There are about 180 species of woodpeckers. They are part of the Picidae family and the Picinae subfamily.

Is it good to have woodpeckers around?

Woodpeckers have an important ecological role in helping to control insect pest populations, and non-boring species of birds and mammals use their nests.

What does a woodpecker like?

Woodpeckers love nuts, insects, and seeds and are attracted to feeders that offer what they love to munch on in wild places.

Where do woodpeckers sleep?

In general, woodpeckers sleep in their holes in the trees and little owls, as the saying goes, each in their own olive tree.

What helps woodpeckers gather their food?

The woodpecker obtains its food by drilling holes in the bark of trees. Woodpeckers drill and drum on trees and extract insects with their long, sticky tongues from deep within the hollow of a tree.

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