The Unusual Shapes of These Fruits and Vegetables Make Them Look like Something Else


Like humans, fruits and vegetables come in all different shapes and sizes. Not all vegetables sprout perfectly, whether carrots, eggplants, or radishes. With the billions of fruits and vegetables that are produced every day, it’s not that surprising that some of these vegetables grow, looking like they have a genetic mutation. However, some of these “defects” can lead to hilarious shapes!

Tomato Ducky

Charley must have had a fun day picking tomatoes because look at what he found! This tomato looks like a duck, and it’s hilarious! I wonder if he picked it or let it grow. It looks like the size of a rubber ducky now, but it can always grow! It’s almost sad that someone will eventually pick it and ruin it.


We’ve seen a lot of eggplants with big noses but not many strawberries! This hilarious-looking strawberry has a nose and some hair! It does look a bit soggy, though. I don’t think I would eat that one. On average, a strawberry is covered in about 200 seeds (making them the only fruit with seeds on the outside). Pomegranates, on the other hand, are filled with more than 1000 seeds!

Running Radish

Okay, if this isn’t the funniest thing you have ever seen, I don’t believe you! This radish looks like he’s running away from the farm! He doesn’t want to be eaten! I don’t know. Something about a radish with arms and legs cracks me up! The hair leaves make this picture even more perfect!


This strawberry looks like it can just flap its wings and fly! Not only does this look like a butterfly, but it seems like a delicious butterfly! The only problem is once you eat it, it’s gone forever. I mean, what are the chances you’re going to find another strawberry like that in your lifetime? Very low if you ask me.


This hilarious strawberry looks like a duck! It also looks delicious! The best part about this strawberry is that it grew a leaf beak. The average strawberry has about 200 seeds and seven pedals. This one seems to have an extra one! One acre of land grows about 50,000 strawberries. I wonder how many of them come out animal-shaped!

Siamese carrots

Well, this is a pretty sight! It’s almost like these two carrots didn’t want to be split up, so they stuck to each other underground. Like Siamese twins. For some reason, it just makes my heart happy to see carrot siblings hug. What’s even funnier about this picture is that the more giant carrot looks like he is wearing headphones.

Potato Bear

What are the chances that a potato will come out of the grown looking like a bear? This is a pretty unique-looking potato! It’s not even a scary-looking bear. It looks like a cute teddy bear and is the cutest potato I have ever seen in my entire life.

Big Foot

Well, this radish looks like a foot if I have ever seen one! It looks more like a foot than an actual foot. It’s complete with five toes and everything. It’s also quite large. Maybe it’s 12 inches like a real foot. I wonder if anyone is going to eat that. They probably will because who keeps a foot-shaped radish around the house as decoration?

Taking a Bath

I can’t look at this picture without laughing! We all love carrots in soup, but this takes the cake. It looks like a person just chilling in a Jacuzzi, and I love it! How does a carrot come out looking like that? I would think the chances are pretty low. However, in the background, you can see more carrot people in the other bowls.

Rapper Carrot

Next time I buy carrots, I definitely need to check out its shape. They come in all shapes and sizes, which means I can find one looking like this. With all these cool looking carrots, I for sure bought one that has a funny shape. I was probably too hungry to take the time and notice it. Next time I buy carrots, I will definitely take a quick look before I start chopping!

Sexy Radish

This radish confuses me. Why does a radish look so attractive? I think the position that the radish is laying in makes this picture even better. Just leaning back on that decorative bowl like it’s nobody’s business. The leg position makes this ten times better. What this radish doesn’t know is that it will probably get chopped up and eaten soon.

Eggplant Face

It’s common for humans to find faces in many different physical objects. For example, many people look at cars and notice faces on them. They even interpret cars as happy or angry based on the “emotion” their “face gives off.” So finding a face in a vegetable isn’t that shocking. This eggplant, however, is an entirely different story.

Owl Apple

I remember learning when I was a little kid that if I cut an apple in half horizontally, it would look like a star. I didn’t know that if you cut it the other way, it will look like an owl! It’s creepy how accurate it is. My real question, though, is how in the world did she just find an owl at the same time that she cut that apple? Does she have a pet owl? Is that a thing?


These peppers look terrified! How can anyone cut up those peppers if they look so scared? I am definitely going to eat fewer vegetables after this! How can you eat something that is looking at you like that? I would feel too weird. Plus, these guys are scary themselves. Just look at those sharp-looking teeth they seem to have.

Dragon Stem

Okay, I need this pumpkin! Next time I go pumpkin picking, I know what I’m going to be looking for! There is nothing cooler than a pumpkin with a dragon stem! This is one way to make your Halloween carved pumpkin the best ever! Did you know that back in ancient times, pumpkins were used as the pie crust instead of the pie filling?

Angry Onion

This hilarious onion looks just like an angry bird. I mean, it is one thing to have an onion with eyes and a nose, but this one looks like it escaped my phone! Did you know back in ancient Egypt, many people worshipped onions? Because of their round shape, it was believed that they symbolized eternity. Onions were even placed on tombs because they were believed to bring prosperity to the afterlife.

Let Me Out

Here is one pickle who wants to get out of the jar! He definitely does not look happy in there. If that were my jar of pickles, I would immediately let him out before he starts haunting me. The last thing I need in my life is for pickle ghosts to appear in my nightmares

Banana Lemon

It’s extremely strange to see a lemon in such a bizarre shape. It looks like completely different food. Yes, it has the same shape and color as a banana, but it looks so weird because of the lemon peel. This could be a hybrid between a lemon and a banana. After all, lemons are a hybrid between sour and orange citrons.

Sheep Potato

This potato resembles a sheep so much it’s hilarious. If I didn’t notice the peel, I would have thought that this potato was carved into a sheep. I hope this potato sheep stays in the light because keeping potatoes in the dark for too long can turn them poisonous. This is good to know, considering over a billion people eat at least one potato a day.

Giving the Finger

This broccoli knows just what to say before getting eating. He knows that there is a turning back, so he gives the finger before being chewed away. As kids, most of us hated broccoli! However, once we grow up, we learn to love nutritious vegetables. The vegetable has been around for over 2000 years and is a member of the cabbage family.

Carrot Foot

I don’t know if this is funny or terrifying. This strange-looking carrot looks like a diseased foot! I mean seriously, just look at the thing! The toes are all different weird sizes. It looks like some kind of animal! If you ask me, I say that foot belongs to a monster. Either way, can you believe a carrot came out of the ground looking like that?


Batman fans are going to love this one! It’s always fun to cut open fruit and find a cool shape inside, but check out this Batman kiwi! It literally looks like a bat in the middle! I wonder how often people come across this. Kiwifruit is also referred to as Chinese gooseberry. Unlike strawberries, kiwifruit is technically a berry.

To the Carrot and, Beyond

This carrot is even cooler than the ones that look like people because it looks like a specific character! I can’t look at this picture without seeing Buzz Lightyear. The green on the top looks like his helmet, and the arms are spot on! I am amazed! All we need is a woody-looking radish! If you’re a Toy Story fan, you’re welcome!

Potato Heart

Even the potato has more love in its life than me. Just kidding… kind of. It’s pretty cool that the potato came out of the ground in the shape of a heart. If you forgot to buy your girlfriend a Valentine’s Day present, take her potato picking. You never know. Maybe you will find a heart-shaped potato! They are obviously out there. But maybe just take her to dinner instead.

Say Cheese

I guess not all peppers look scared! This one has the perfect smiley face inside! Who would want to eat such a happy-looking pepper? I don’t know if it would still be smiling if it knew it was about to become somebody’s dinner. At least he will go down, smiling!

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