The true story behind John Travolta’s dance with princess Diana is revealed.


As everyone knows, the world’s best American actor John Travolta is a famous and very rich person.
Here’s a closer look at the jewels and the event’s history.

Four decades later, John Travolta has finally spoken up about what happened that night.

Who’d have guessed that a Cinderella moment would humble a celebrity?

The year was 1985.
It was a wonderful day. President Ronald Reagan was throwing a dinner at the white house with a star-studded guest list that included celebrities, politicians, business leaders, and the monarchy. Actually, it’s a night full of stars.

Who can ignore the evening in November 1985, when an iconic photograph was published in broadsheets?

It was of Princess Diana, one of the united kingdom’s most well-known royals, dancing with a commoner named John Travolta. He recently revealed that the first lady suggested he ask the princess of Wales to dance during her famed Whitehouse visit.

Travolta finally spoke out about what happened that night, over four decades later.

“In their own words: Diana, Princess of Wales,” a new PBS special, explored the late princess’s life through the words of those who met her, worked with her, and most notably, danced with her.

Despite being amid celebrities, Travolta felt like an “extra” that night.

So when Nancy Reagan, the president’s wife, approached him, he had no idea he’d be sharing the stage with one of the most incredible celebrities of the time.

During those years, the world has enthralled by Princess Diana.

“When Diana travelled to America in 1985, it established her place on the global stage,” said Kate Williams, a royal historian.

Princess Diana wasn’t a naive girl anymore. She is a celebrity indeed.
She was the world’s most famous woman at times. Di-mania swept around the globe from Britain, and eventually, it engulfed the entire planet”. So how did Travolta get the dance with the princess if she was so big?

What events led to the classic dance floor photograph.
What is the solution? Another well-known name.

Nancy Reagan, Travolta stated, was the mastermind behind everything.

It was 10. p.m. In the night. Nancy Regan, who approached him, told him that the princess herself was passionate about having a dance with him.

Would you like to join her for a dance tonight?” In the documentary, he recounts.” And I said,’ of course”.

When the first lady and the Travolta discussed a strategy, she would take the actor to the princess around midnight so that he could take advantage of the opportunity for a dance.

Even though he was the lovely John Travolta at the time, he was nervous.

“My pulse starts to beat, you know,” he remembered, “and I tap her on the shoulder, and she comes around and looks at me, and she had that sort of timid dip[of her chin] that she did, and she looked up at me, and I said that would you want to dance with me?”

The room immediately cleared, and the “extra” had the opportunity to be a part of one of house history’s most memorable events.

The dance lasted around 15 minutes, and Travolta still remembers it.

Travolta said that it did feel like a part of a fairy tale. Both bowed to each other after the dance, and after she left, his car turned into a pumpkin.

He said that It was weird for him to even consider that something like this could happen to him.

And at the time, he claimed he was wise enough to remember it.

In the video below, you can watch more about this memorable moment!

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