The thermometer marked -62ºC in the coldest town in the world and the photos were shocking


Do you think it’s cold in your city? that’s because you still don’t know Oymyakon, a town where the temperatures are -50ºC. This lost town in Siberia is the coldest inhabited place on the planet which, just over two years ago, reached a record of -62ºC. How about?

Although its inhabitants are used to low temperatures, those days reached a limit in which people’s eyebrows have frozen. The temperature dropped so much, down to -62ºC, at which point the official thermometer at the weather station broke and stopped working, even many locals claim that temperatures continued to drop to -68ºC.

The only similar record is from 1933, where the thermometers reached -67.7ºC, the lowest temperature recorded in the northern hemisphere. That being said, you cannot miss the following gallery about daily life in the coldest place in the world. plant:

Welcome to Oymyakon, the coldest Siberian town on the planet

Temperatures dropped to -62ºC

But life has to go on in the town, even if people end up half frozen.

Students must attend classes until temperatures drop to -52ºC

People continue to go to work as if nothing had happened.

Street vendors don’t need to freeze food

Although they do have to protect their face and hands so as not to end up frozen

These Chinese tourists are not afraid to bathe in hot springs even if they are -60ºC

This photographer took a photo of a dancer outside at -41ºC, a photo that did not need any retouching.

The new electronic thermometer that was installed in the town, only supported -62ºC before breaking

Yakut horses can handle the cold, but they still need to be iced off

The name of the town Oymyakon means ‘water that does not freeze’, because it is located on a hot spring

In 1933, the temperature dropped to -67.7ºC, but now that record has been broken

The cold makes that place look like it came from another planet

The new fashion in Siberia, frozen eyes:

Show your friends what the real cold is hehe.

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