The temperature in Britain is expected to rise to 20°C in the coming weeks, bringing much-needed warmth to the region.


A cool breeze from the north may make the beginning of the weekend in the East a bit damp, However, a weather expert predicts that by the end of the bank holiday weekend, the UK will be enjoying warm sunshine.

A meteorologist has announced that the UK is likely to experience warmer weather in the upcoming weeks.

Brits can look forward to sunny 20C weather by Easter weekend after a wet March.

A breeze from the north is coming to the UK via Ireland before Easter, and hopefully it will calm down afterwards.

The angle of the sun is more favourable than in previous months, increasing the likelihood of warmer weather, according to Jim Dale, a senior meteorological consultant at British Weather Services.

He said that the south and east of England were probably going to have the best weather.

Temperatures in some parts of Scotland could reach up to 20C by Easter Monday and the days that follow, Jim said.

In February, the southeast was exceptionally dry, while the weather was generally mild. To make up for the lack of rainfall, we had to take action, according to the speaker.

We are beginning to come out of it just before Easter, and we will likely experience a period of high pressure around Good Friday.

There is a possibility that things will improve in time for Easter. There are indications that this will happen.

If we wait for a while, not just until Good Friday or Saturday, however, until the end of the holiday weekend and the subsequent school holidays, it seems it might get warmer.

An April warm spell could follow a cold spell, which is not uncommon.

He said that this month could go either way, as it is a “swing month”.

Jim mentioned that when there is sunshine, even if it is coming from a northerly airstream, it can get quite warm due to the sun’s angle.

I expect that temperatures during the Easter period will reach 20°C or higher in the south and east, and possibly even in eastern Scotland.

That is just an assumption based on a bit of optimism, but it is not an uncommon occurrence.

Jim said that after a very cold and wet March, the warmer weather would likely continue into the following week. would last for at least one more week.

Some parts of the UK may experience snow before Easter arrives.

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