The teacher yelled at a student for swearing, they fired him and now parents defend him


The teacher did not hold back and reprimanded the young man in front of all his classmates.

In schools they not only teach about Spanish, mathematics and science; you also learn about behaviour and relating to other human beings. It is a space where many individuals with very varied ideas and perspectives coexist that sooner or later may come into conflict. That is why classrooms are an ideal space to foster respect; generally, the teacher is the one in charge of putting an order.

However, students do not always have the best disposition and this can cause an uproar in the classroom. This is nothing new, but recently controversy was generated on social networks due to the way a teacher reacted. He yelled at a student after losing patience because the young man kept saying rude things.

The event occurred in Cali, Colombia and was recorded in a video that soon went viral. According to a local news outlet, the teacher yelled at a young student beyond measure in front of all of his classmates, stunning him.

«There are no rude words here, ‘brother’. They don’t say… period!”, the teacher begins by saying.

In the clip, you can see the teacher’s frustration while scolding the young man because apparently, it was not the first time that he asked him to reserve this type of comment. In the strong speech, the man asks for respect for both the space and his companions.

« Say them outside, go ahead, mother all you want, but here, respect. One, two, three, four, last week, the ancestor, from the first day I saw you. In the cafeteria, in the corridor, here, don’t fuck around! “He said exalted.

« How many times do I have to tell you? How do I have to tell you, like that? He respects, respects… and it goes to all those who say rude things »continued the man.

One of those presents decided to record the scene and share it on social networks. A controversy was immediately generated among Internet users because they considered the teacher’s action inappropriate. In the images, we can see that those involved are in an open area for what was probably a break time in which all the students were living together.

In this way, they pointed out the fact as humiliating for the student since he received a strong scolding in front of the entire school. Although there were those who applauded the teacher because he was obviously tired of warning the student to correct his behaviour.

For their part, the school authorities also considered the teacher’s actions to be disrespectful. As soon as the video went viral, they made the decision to fire him. However, some parents disapproved of the managers’ actions and asked that the teacher be returned to his position.

They are even organizing a sit-in outside the school so that the man returns to teach at that school. For his part, the professor released a statement thanking him for his support and offering an apology for his reaction. The man acknowledged that he had made a mistake and pointed out that he does not want to create a conflict because there is a minor involved and ” it is the responsibility of all parties to protect him .”

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