The swan hugged the man who rescued it by wrapping its neck around him.


Swans aren’t usually cuddly or friendly. They tend to be very protective of their space and can be quite scary. That’s why it was so special when an injured swan hugged Richard Wiese, the host of the TV show “Born to Explore.”

A few years ago, Wiese was at Abbotsbury Swannery in the U.K. when he saw a swan that had hurt itself after hitting a chain-link fence. He assisted with the examination by holding the swan.

When I placed the animal next to me, I could feel its heart beating and it leaned its neck into mine. It was an amazing moment when the animal trusted me completely.

I held it close to me and it felt comforting or secure.

I could feel the steady thump of its heart and it stretched out its neck and put it around mine.

Wiese aided in examining the hurt swan by cradling her.

It is a great feeling when you have a strong connection and trust with an animal that cannot talk.

When the animal knows you don’t mean to hurt it.

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