The study confirms that single girls date four men at the same time.


According to the eHarmony platform, single girls can date up to 6 men simultaneously, but the average is always 4.

Bad Bunny and Daddy Yankee did not lie to us; their mouths were full of reason when they said that being single is in fashion. Many stigmatize single women and describe them as sad, lonely, and bitter. However, being single does not mean any of this. In most cases, being single is a choice since, in this way, you can enjoy a freedom that you would not have if you had a partner.

A study conducted by the eHarmony platform revealed that over time, fewer and fewer women want to commit, choosing to date casually to keep the flame burning. This way, it will be easier to go out without commitment until you find the right one.

As we said earlier, being single comes with specific labels. It is common for them to refer to girls without a partner as “Spinster” and make jokes in bad taste such as “not even in a raffle does it go out”. However, there is nothing to be ashamed of. It takes a lot of maturity to be alone, enjoying the company you choose without the need to commit to a relationship that possibly limits you more than it gives you. Remember that having a partner is not something essential.

Be careful. We are not demonizing formal relationships. Experts say that it takes time to decide on a serious relationship because you need to really get to know the person before venturing into something more serious. Although it is true that we never really get to know someone, you need that certainty that you are not simply wasting time. In the meantime, enjoying dating is healthy before you bond with someone.

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