The students are granted remarks for Physical Education by helping the elderly and disabled.


The process introduced here should be a part of every school’s curriculum.

The Alternative Learning Center in Iowa had the excellent notion of assisting the community and their pupils simultaneously.

The center has become the school for junior and senior students facing a potential risk of dropping out of schooling.

The school provides pupils with alternatives from various tasks that will grant them credits in their physical education curriculum to aid them with their marks. Given that it is a required part of the curriculum and that they are only engaging in it during the final two weeks of classes, it had made the activities permissible.

Among the numerous alternatives in the curriculum, one is to volunteer to perform yard work for people who can’t undertake it independently, such as seniors and people with disabilities.

The brain behind the brilliant concept was Tim Hizler.

Tim teaches social studies at ALC and founded the motivational initiative a few years ago. After they had built their garden, he had the concept cross his head.

The initiative’s primary objective is to assist community members who can no longer conduct physically demanding outside tasks rather than merely aiding pupils with their academics.

Hizler also said that community service is the only way for their school to contribute to the community. In addition, he thinks that the approach will ultimately be advantageous to the pupils.

The kids are usually not very enthusiastic at first, but as soon as they get involved and begin working in the yard, they become more inspired. They like assisting others the most. They enjoy getting to know people and giving back, according to Hizler.

Additionally, he told PEOPLE that once kids accomplish something, they want to repeat it. It’s beneficial for them to acquire practical skills.

In reality, many schools worldwide employ community service to engage pupils in the local area.

Programs like community service are unquestionably beneficial since they get students active in local communities and help them understand how crucial their contributions to society are. After all, having a thriving community is always preferable.

Center for Alternative Learning The community service program at DBQ is still in place, and the firm is keeping up its tradition of helping others. They engage their pupils in community service projects like yard cleanups.

In addition, they engage in various other outdoor activities, such as swimming, visiting nearby businesses, fishing, and much more.

They recently posted on Facebook that their kids had assisted 13 persons with yard cleanup, moved 2 yards of material, cleared four truck loads of brush, and done much more. The pupils get it after interacting with the folks we help and learning about their needs.

Salutations to the educators, students, and supporters of this concept!

Mohammed Ali said, ‘Service To Others Is The Rent You Pay For Your Room Here On Earth.’

To learn the true meaning of “community service,” watch the video below.

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