The strange behavior of animals around the world: they walk in circles without stopping


Many believe that it is a sign of a misfortune or even the apocalypse.

For human beings, anything slightly different from what we are used to seeing qualifies as “strange.” This turns out to be a very ambiguous term because what is rare for one person is normal for another. And it is that if this happens between the same people, imagine with the animals, which are beings very different from us.

Although we have always had the need to study everything that surrounds us and try to fully understand the behaviors of other species, there is still much to discover.

Lately, videos of animals going around in circles non-stop have appeared on social networks. Some claim that they can even be running like this for days. Of course, this behavior was considered strange and netizens are going crazy. And it is not just about one type of animal but rather they are very varied species, ranging from sheep to insects and even fish.

Given this, many began to point out that the erratic behavior of so many animals could be due to the fact that they sensed something that we did not. For example, a natural disaster, a visit from aliens, the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ or the end of the world. Although we know that animals have abilities that we don’t, as much as we want to believe in these things, unfortunately they don’t have these kinds of supernatural powers.

So why do they behave like this?

The truth is that there is no absolute answer, but experts have several theories that logically explain this strange behavior. Alia Orieta Preciado , a veterinary zootechnician from the Autonomous Metropolitan University (UAM) explained some of the causes for this peculiar behavior.

One possibility is zoocosis . This occurs when animals simply make movements without a goal. It is quite common in big cats that are found outside their natural habitats and in grazing specimens. They usually “get it” when they see that one of their companions performs that repetitive movement, they join little by little until the whole herd does the same action.

Stereotyping is another cause that occurs when animals are not in the right environment. It usually happens to wild specimens placed in captivity because apparently, the stress and discomfort that it causes them causes them to behave erratically.

In the specific case of ants, the reason they go around in circles is usually due to loss of direction . These insects leave a chemical trail that allows them to find their way back to the anthill (which is why we always see them walking in lines). However, sometimes this trail can get lost and in their attempt to find it, they end up following each other. This exhaustive and endless movement sometimes causes the ants to lose their lives due to exhaustion.

In many species that are governed by a leader, another explanation is precisely that the pack follows the leader . Thus, if said animal begins to walk in circles, the rest will follow without hesitation and replicate the behavior.

And lastly, it could also be due to a disease called lycteriosis ; this is an infection caused by the bacterium licteria monocytogenes. According to Mario Martínez Mier , a zootechnical veterinarian at the Autonomous University of Nuevo León (UANL), this bacterium causes inflammation in the animal’s brain stem, the part that is responsible for establishing connections between the brain and spinal cord. Damage to the nervous system causes confusion which in turn can result in these circular movements.

When this is the case in animals intended for human consumption, it is very important that farmers treat the disease. Eating meat or milk contaminated with liceria is very harmful to people’s health. In us, this disease is not so easy to detect in its early days because its symptoms are mild and confusing; however, it has a high mortality rate.

So now you know, acting weird from animals isn’t so weird after all. Sometimes you are weirder when you think no one sees you.

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