The story of two younger brothers who go to school for the first time after years of working on the street.


The story of these little brothers has gone viral because it is impressive and very sad to see the conditions they live in and have to work on the street, something that is not common in children. Children should only worry about their homework, playing, and learning, but this is not the case for Janailton(9 years old) and Janailson(7 years old).

These little brothers live in a rural town in Brazil and are dedicated to selling beans on the street to buy their food. Since they were very young, they have worked with food sales on the side of the road. They live with their father in a humble mud house in critical conditions.

Mr. Edimildo, a father of both, is the one who has been in charge of raising the children since their mother abandoned them. This man has had a tough time raising his children, but fortunately, he can grow beans and some fruits on a small piece of land, the children go out to sell their food, and that is how they survive.

One fine day, the announcer Gustavo Chaves met the brothers while they were offering their food, and the man was so moved that he decided to help them by running a campaign for their benefit it was a total success. They managed to raise funds to buy food for a while and to attend school. The children were delighted, as it was their first time attending school.

Thanks to this man’s generosity, both the children and the father have improved their quality of life. This only shows that you will always find someone willing to help you. That is why you must do well so that life returns it to you.

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