The story of the Amazon driver who became the central hero of the day.


How was your day today? I hope you had a wonderful time. So, let’s take back your memory to a day when you had an incredible experience that even you can’t believe had just happened. Those remain as stories of a lifetime. Now what you are about to read is a similar story of a delivery driver who had a day he would never forget.

Being a delivery driver in Amazon, you would have to follow the same scenario repeatedly, hitting the given routes, delivering the packages, and sometimes running away from dogs ? – just kidding. But the protagonist of our story found someone very strange to be seen alone on the roadside;

A baby in a carrier.

Juan Carlos Flores was driving down the road on an ordinary working day. While driving, he noticed a baby carrier on the side of the road. He was surprised and hence felt sad, even wanting to cry.

Flores made it to the baby without further thinking to make sure everything was ok. Moments later, he realized that it wasn’t just a carrier, but a carrier with an actual baby.

Seeing that, he questioned himself, how could anyone be so heartless to leave a baby on the roadside in such a manner.

Flores decided to ask the neighbouring house if the baby was theirs. Yet it wasn’t. The baby was left intentionally.

The house owner whose Flores questioned about the baby made his way to call backup. Taking the baby indoors, he called the police to report the incident. With nothing else he could do, Flores went off to finish the deliveries he still had left.

But Flores couldn’t take his thoughts off the incident. So, on his way back, he decided to check on the condition of the premises where he saw the baby.

At that moment, the police arrived and searched the entire area for evidence. Flores then made his statements to the police about everything he witnessed.

For the relief of everyone, the footage of the incident was found by a camera on a nearby doorbell.

The video showed a man pulling over, getting out of a car, and leaving the carriage beside the road. However, things are not as it was in the video. The plot of the story took a U-turn with another twist getting involved.

The car was stolen moments ago, and the baby was in it during the robbery!

A woman had called 911 claiming to be a victim of a robbery. The call mentioned that the vehicle was stolen with her baby in the car.

The man who left the baby off was the robber. As soon as he realized a baby was in the car, he dumped the child and fled away.

The baby had sat on the side of the road for almost 20 minutes. The video further shows that about six vehicles had passed by after the baby was dumped. Yet Flores was the only one to have at least a check of the carriage. It would have been a tragedy since it was trash day, and no one could have realized the baby. Thanks to Flores’s keen attention, the baby was all safe.

The day started as a normal day for Flores and eventually ended with him being the hero of a great rescue. After connecting the parts of the crime scene, the police just gave the baby to the safe hands of her mother. The police did not discover the vehicle. However, the mother was grateful to everyone for returning her child safely.

What a great story. It just made my day. I hope it made yours too. Remember to be helpful to everyone as much as you can. One day you will also be a hero.

Please share the beautiful story with your loved ones, which will help spread positivity.

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