The story behind a heartbreaking image of a 6-year-old boy saying goodbye to his dying sister


A 6-year-old boy says goodnight for the last time to his younger sister.

There is no worse heartbreak than that of losing a child. That sort of grief doesn’t compare to any other, and unfortunately, it never fades away.

Many individuals are devastated when they learn that their children are affected by a specific condition or disease. The struggle to combat these illnesses can be challenging and draining. However, as long as parents remain aware that there is a possibility for their child to recover, they will persist and never surrender.

Adalynn Sooter, also known as Addy, was diagnosed with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG) at the young age of four. The prognosis was grim, and her family was advised to prepare for the worst.

Addy’s health deteriorated quickly after 18 months as the cancer advanced. Her father, Matt, created a Facebook page to share Addy’s journey. He posted: “Addy’s condition has worsened significantly in the last day and a half. Just yesterday, she was her usual lively self. Although we still catch glimpses of her true spirit, she is now struggling to eat or swallow, sleeping most of the time, and has been hospitalized for inpatient care. It seems like time is running out for her.”

Matt requested his family and friends to pray for his son Jackson, who was struggling to deal with his sister’s illness. Matt expressed that it was unfair for a young boy to bid farewell to his partner in mischief, his playmate, his closest companion, his little sister.

Jackson stayed with his sister constantly. He was there for her until the end. One evening, as he bid farewell to his little sister and expressed his love for her once more, Addy passed away.

Devastated Mark shared the heartbreaking news on the page dedicated to Addy.

The post mentioned that she transitioned from this life to the next in the same way she lived: with determination and tranquility, and with loved ones by her side. The post also stated that she didn’t experience any pain at the end. Although it’s only a temporary farewell, the family deeply misses their beloved daughter.


In order to protect future children from a similar destiny, the family generously contributed Addy’s tumors, which included both brain and spine, to scientific research.

They mentioned in a Facebook post that our daughter enjoyed assisting others and giving presents, so we believed this would be a great way to showcase her generous spirit.

We deeply apologize for the loss this family has experienced. Our condolences and sympathies are with them as they grieve.

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