The staff at Domino’s turns a lost toy dinosaur into an employee for the evening until its family arrives to bring it home.


Dinosaurs, according to Domino’s, are deserving of tasty treats. Try repeating that three times.

How would dinosaurs integrate into society if they existed today in the same manner that we see in movies and natural history museums? Would they eliminate us all like Godzilla so expertly does, would they walk free in the most inaccessible regions of the planet, or would they join us in the never-ending 9 to 5 grind?

Imagine entering the office to find a Diplodocus organizing the filing cabinets, or being greeted by a Velociraptor at Starbucks when you arrive for your customary caramel frappuccino without whipped cream. It might be really awesome. The fantasy was recently investigated at Domino’s, a well-known pizza restaurant business, when one of their patrons left behind their cherished toy T-Rex. The staff decided to give the toy a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work at a Domino’s while it waited for its family to return.

This is Bitey’s narrative. Let’s get started!

The frantic call wondering if their child’s dino toy was misplaced in the store came during a routine shift at Domino’s. And indeed, he was present.

Image credits: Domino’s New Zealand

Nothing brings people together like pizza. The cheesy, gooey, flavor-filled bite of joy may brighten anyone’s day considerably. Pizza is a go-to treat because, let’s face it, nobody doesn’t like pizza! Whether you’re relaxing with friends while playing some Cards Against Humanity, watching your favorite real crime drama or YouTuber alone, or both, pizza is always a treat to look forward to!

I have happy memories of my time in college. My third year, and the previous night we held a party with our other students. I had a hangover from a late night and was feeling miserable. I merely wanted a Domino’s pizza and a side of garlic bread at 9 a.m. that morning. Even now, I can recall the first bites of that hot, melty bliss that erased all of my regrets and gave me the motivation to start again.

Bitey the dino came that evening to pick up some pizzas with his family, but after deciding he wanted to explore more, he became separated from them.

Image credits: Domino’s New Zealand

Whether you like them or not, Domino’s has grown to be a significant player in the pizza industry. James and Tom Monaghan, brothers, acquired DomiNick’s, a modest pizzeria in Ypsilanti, Michigan, in 1960. In 1965, they changed its name to Domino’s Pizza Inc., and the first franchise location opened its doors in 1967. In the United States, there were 200 Domino’s Pizza locations by 1978, and in the 1990s, the company expanded to 40 foreign regions. What follows is history.

Back in June of this year, one of those retailers in New Zealand encountered something a little unusual. It was a typical evening, with orders coming in left, right, and center, customers eager to fill their bellies, and staff doing everything they could to fulfill their wishes. Unexpectedly, a call was received.

A concerned mother who answered the phone was enquiring about Bitey the dinosaur. Sorry, but that’s not on the menu, is it? She stated that their youngster had taken his toy T-Rex along when they had stopped in to pick up some pizzas earlier. Sadly, on the way back, he was unable to find his pal.

The staff assured the family that Bitey would be well cared for till they returned the following morning.

Image credits: Domino’s New Zealand

A small orange dino toy was present when the staff members went over to the foyer to inspect. But with the passing of time, it appeared the dino would remain for a little bit longer. It was late and it appeared that Bitey wouldn’t arrive home in time for bed, Domino’s stated in a statement on their Facebook page. The group informed Bitey’s family that he was safe.

The family wanted to come back the following day to look for their missing dinosaur and expressed gratitude to the staff. The crew was left wondering what would be the best way for Bitey to spend his time there after the phone call concluded. Whelp, it looked like the T-Rex might benefit from spending the night as a member of the Domino family!

They made the decision to train him to work at Domino’s in the interim. At one New Zealand company, Bitey learnt how to do everything from preparing pizza to washing dishes.

Image credits: Domino’s New Zealand

Bitey performed a variety of tasks, including dishwashing and quality control, and was taught everything from preparing pizza to taking phone calls. The pizzas that were delivered to customers were guaranteed to be T-Rex approved! Naturally, the team took photos of Bitey’s finest efforts, and they are without a doubt the cutest things I have ever seen.

The business stated in a Facebook post that “[the dino] was sent home with plenty of stories to share about his first shift at Domino’s the next day.” It is hardly unexpected that the generosity of the deed and the inventiveness displayed were praised by people everywhere. Everyone might agree that this dinosaur has a variety of skills after 35k likes and thousands of comments.

Domino’s New Zealand posted on Facebook that “[The dino] was sent home with plenty of stories to share about his first shift at Domino’s the next day.”

Image credits: Domino’s New Zealand

As sweet as this tale is, I couldn’t help but wonder: What is it about dinosaurs that fascinates us so? According to researchers, a child’s natural curiosity and need for knowledge is what causes them to become obsessed with dinosaurs. Young minds may realize that these enormous beasts once existed without needing to comprehend chemistry or mathematical concepts since dinosaurs are an approachable branch of science.

In another way, they are comparable to unicorns and fairies in that they stimulate people’s imaginations and show how it interacts with reality. Dr. Arthur Lavin, chair of the American Academy of Pediatrics committee on the Psychosocial Aspects of Child and Family Health, stated that dinosaurs would create a great make-believe world that fits into this very powerful notion of creating a sense of self.

We hope for the best for Bitey, his family, and the Domino’s staff and pray that the dino doesn’t get into any more perilous misadventures.

Image credits: Domino’s New Zealand

They can range in size from large to little. They might be bright or they can be simple. Simply said, they’re cool! Do we really need an excuse to love dinosaurs? I don’t believe so. But hey, if they can also create fantastic pizza, all the better!

The family has our best wishes for the future, and we sincerely hope that Bitey doesn’t get into any more unforeseen misadventures. We also send our best wishes to the Domino’s staff members who made everyone who saw the story feel better!

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The workers received accolades for their innovation and tenderness toward the tiny toy. Comment below with your opinions and go-to Domino’s order!

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