The roadside display of stolen goods by Esme the cat; take what is yours.


Obviously, the owner of Esme decided to expose its dirty deeds.

When choosing a pet, cats are often at the top of the list. They are charming, fluffy (not every cat) home wanderers who are sweet to every extent.

Cats are born with a set of actions that gives out dramatic humor.

However, just like all other pets, they can be problem creators. Cats possess a variety of misbehaviors that would put them and their owners in significant trouble.

They are one of the best at stealth robberies.

Sometimes you may not agree with me, but cats are good at taking things they do not own. Such an experience of a cat owner was posted on a now-viral Reddit photo.

This was a funny series of robberies by a cat. Let’s find out if the cat is guilty or not guilty. Esme was a misbehaving cat.

Out of all seasons, spring is the best time for planting. Most gardeners become much busier during the season.

With the hard work, most left or forgot their equipment everywhere.

Esme, on the other hand, thought that they were her equipment. The cat got it all wrong.

If she owns the equipment, it must be with Esme. So she decided to bring them to her place.

After the 10th successful robbery, Esme’sEsme’s owner had no choice but to expose her.

A piece of clothing was set in the street yard with two gardening gloves hanging from it. Yet some of these pairs weren’t matching at all. So they were not newly washed gloves.

There was a sign by the side to help others understand what was happening.

It said My cat is a thief, and please take the items if they are yours.

Esme, the cat robber, was exposed by her owner for all her wrongdoings. So giving back the belongings to the owners was the best way to get away from a committed crime.

Should she be forgiven?

Cats truly like stealing items, and that’s not a secret. However, cats are not actual “thieves.” They use stealing to gain people’s attention rather than possessions.

“Kitties are kleptomaniacs by nature,” says Be Chewy. Cats are cunning and use theft as a strategy to get treats, pleasure, and affection. Cats like piling up innocuous domestic stuff behind beds, couches, freezers, and other hard-to-reach places. Sometimes it may occasionally just be acting according to their natural instincts.

Now that you know, let’s hold off on passing judgment on Esme. She could have merely chosen to play hide and seek with their neighbors since she was bored.

People began joking about the amusing picture when it became popular online.

Everyone knows how imaginative and fun individuals on the internet are. People expressed their presumptions and inquiries, and a few even commented on their experiences similar to those of Esme.

MizchiefKilz, a Reddit member, shared:

“once, we had a similar canine. In the rural area where we resided, canines were allowed to wander freely. He began bringing our neighbor’s papers to our place once we trained him how to get the paper. Later he started stealing everything he could carry in his mouth. It included boots, sports gloves, vegetables, and so on. He may have simply believed that he needed to go acquire goods and been unaware of the unique qualities of our particular paper.”

“Another day, one of our neighbors witnessed the dog sprinting across the lawn while being pursued by three workmen. He was chewing on a bag from McDonald’s.”

Let’s hope Esme would at least learn a lesson and won’t flee anymore with someone else’s gloves. Even though everyone is aware, that’s practically unthinkable.

However, she has had some intriguing solo adventures.

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