Who Is This Actor, Who Was Living With $150 A Month, And Now Has A Farm With His Family


The renowned and attractive actor, aged 65, has had an extraordinary career in the film industry. Starting from his modest roots in Philadelphia to achieving fame in Hollywood, his journey is truly motivating. Let’s delve into some important highlights of his career.

A Surprising Turn to Television

Prior to becoming successful on TV, he was hesitant about working in television. During a recent interview, he confessed that he would have terminated his agent if they had proposed doing a series. However, his perspective shifted after meeting his wife, actress Kyra Sedgwick. Love can truly alter our intentions, don’t you think?

Love and Inspiration

Kevin Bacon expressed his delight in collaborating with Sedgwick on their shared television project. Witnessing her ability to embody various roles served as a great source of inspiration for him. He also took pleasure in accompanying Sedgwick to award ceremonies, much like Meryl Streep. Their mutual affection and encouragement have played a crucial role in their achievements.

From a Tight Budget to Stardom

Bacon relocated from Philadelphia to New York in 1976 with just $150 to his name for the whole month. He settled in a flophouse designed for artists, actors, and musicians. Despite the tough living conditions, Bacon’s acting career flourished, greatly improving his life.

Love at First Sight

Bacon and Sedgwick crossed paths during the making of the movie “Lemon Sky” in 1987. Bacon instantly fell in love, but Sedgwick wasn’t immediately smitten. Nevertheless, Bacon’s determination paid off, and they eventually went on a delightful first date, sharing laughter and enjoying a romantic dinner that lasted for hours. Since then, they have become each other’s greatest supporters and fans.

A Joyful Family

Bacon and Sedgwick brought up two kids, Travis and Sosie, who are now in their thirties. Bacon loved being a dad and taught his children to be honest, kind, and caring. His great sense of humor made him really funny.

An Inspirational Journey

Bacon is now living happily on a farm with his family. His path from financial struggles to Hollywood success proves that talent, hard work, and family support can lead to great achievements. Kevin Bacon’s story is truly inspiring.

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