The reflection of a spooky wedding dress worn by a woman is being likened to something you might see in the TV show Black Mirror.


A woman, attempting to take a picture in a wedding dress, accidentally captured an image that has scared the internet and made people wonder if we’re living in a simulation.

Even though Halloween has passed, the eeriness persists, leaving social media users puzzled about the photo.

At first glance, everything appears normal, but once you spot it, it’s understandable if you react with a shudder of discomfort.

Posting the picture on her Instagram, writer and comedian Tessa Coates mentioned: “Hello there! Moved up from stories to the main grid.”

“I went wedding dress shopping, and the fabric of reality crumbled. This is an authentic photo, not edited, not a panorama, not a Live Photo.”

“If you can’t spot the issue, take a closer look, and once you see it, you won’t be able to forget it. The complete story is in my highlights (THE MIRROR). Please relish this matrix glitch/photo that almost made me vomit in the street. Also, I’m engaged!”

The perplexing phenomenon seems to depict Coates in two distinct mirrors, striking three different poses between the mirrors and her actual position.

People on social media promptly compared the strange phenomenon to something you might see in the sci-fi thriller show Black Mirror.

Coates playfully joked multiple times about the peculiar situation and the responses from both her friends and users on social media.

“How… is this possible? Also, congrats!! Delighted for you. And now concerned because those guys in suits will come for you,” commented one Instagram user.

“What in the Black Mirror is happening,” another bewildered user wrote.

“I really enjoyed the spookiness of this; I half wish I hadn’t watched your story and learned the rational truth,” a third person remarked.

Certain social media users tried to provide explanations for what might have caused the optical illusion.

“It’s very simple. When taking any photo with a modern cellphone, especially in low light, it takes scans from left to right. Any movement will be captured even if not a pano because the mirrors are statically placed but the subject is moving,” explained one user.

In her highlights, Coates mentioned that she went to the Apple Store to question the geniuses there about the photo.

She explained that she was told that the phones are computers, not cameras, and they do capture a burst of images from left to right.

This would imply that her phone captured each of her movements and combined the images into one photo.

It seems more like a minor tech blunder, where the phone’s capture process combined different moments into a single photo, rather than a glitch in the matrix.

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