The prodigy is only 15 years old, holds 5 college degrees, and is the UNLV’s youngest graduate.


You would not even believe this.
This youngster has a bright future ahead of him.
He is just extraordinary!

A boy named Jack Rico made headlines when he was 14 years old for completing four associate degrees at the Fullerton College in California. The genius is back again. Now he is in the headlines becoming the youngest graduate in the 64 years of history of the University of Nevada.

Although the young genius continues to surprise and astonish others, he is not considered a superstar by his colleagues.

Jack explained; that when he was famous, people started to recognize him in various places. Yet his classmates didn’t act in that manner. They always looked at him as an equal kid to them. Hence Jack is optimistic about them.

From kindergarten to third grade, Jack attended public school. But, when Jack faced the Common Core State Standards learning process, he indeed failed it.

So Jack asked his parents to be homeschooled, and luckily his parents agreed.

Jack commented on his reason for asking to be homeschooled; “No two children are alike, in that some flourish in a public school atmosphere while others thrive at home, and I believe it should be the children’s decision. A child should be free to decide about their education and what is ideal for themself”.

Ru Andrade, Jack’s mother, understood her kid was a genius at that point. It was when Jack was only three years old.

Jack’s mother mentioned that at 11, he was more intelligent than her. She knew she had given him all she could afford, and he’d definitely benefit from better teachers.

Jack enrolled at Fullerton College in this manner. Once he cleared the admission exam, he was just 11 years old.

After graduating, he earned four associate’s degrees in social sciences, arts, social behaviour, history, and human expression. He also preserved a 4.0 GPA continuously, becoming the smallest undergraduate in the 107-year history of Fullerton College.

At a young age, Jack had indications of great intelligence. On his 4th birthday, he decided to visit the White House, so his parents bargained with him that if he learned all of the US presidents’ names, he would get what he wanted.

Challenge accepted. Yes, he did. Next, he listed all of the vice presidents’ names.

Therefore, with a full scholarship, Jack enrolled in UNLV to obtain a bachelor’s degree in history. Jack was the youngest graduate once more as he stepped onto the platform on December 14 to get his diploma.

He had a 3.78-grade point average to boot.

“Painful” yet “therapeutic,” Jack recalls his experience. He still has ambitions for the future, despite having five college degrees. Jack simply needs more time.

He really likes to acquire his master’s degree, but he is lost in the question – what should he want to study for it? He is not planning on obtaining it in history, so Jack will audit some classes and figure out what else he is interested in and what he will do for his master’s.

Meanwhile, Jack is considering taking computer science and business classes at UNLV.

Jack is a typical kid. He enjoys his free time with family and pals when he is not learning. Jack also gets involved with screenwriting. So keep an eye on this little talent.

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