The policeman took measures related to the old man who was kicked out of Bank of America


An elderly man, aged 92, visited his nearby Bank of America to withdraw money, but was asked to leave due to issues with his identification.

The man was really mad about what happened, so the bank managers decided to call the police in order to escort him out of the bank and prevent him from returning.

The bank’s employees were surprised by the policeman’s unexpected gesture upon arrival.

The policeman’s choice to handle the situation in a unique way gained him a lot of appreciation from many people.

Officer Robert Josett was instructed to head to the bank due to a 92-year-old man causing a disturbance inside.

The ID had expired, causing the bank employees to be unable to confirm his identity for the withdrawal.

The man was confused when the employee refused to help him at the bank and just asked him to leave, which made him upset.

Officer Josett arrived at the bank promptly and, upon learning the situation, opted for an unconventional approach.

The bank officer chose to assist the old man instead of just evicting him from the bank.

Officer Josett kindly proposed accompanying the man to the DMV for a new ID and later going back to the bank to withdraw the necessary funds.

As promised, this is exactly what occurred. Later on, the Montebello Police Department shared a picture of Josett and the older gentleman on Facebook, attracting the interest of numerous people.

Many comments praising the officer’s kind act towards an elderly man in need were posted on Facebook.

People praised him and were astonished by his act because nowadays few individuals take the time to assist others when they face difficulties. Instead, people tend to disregard the problems of others as they are too preoccupied to lend a hand.

More and more individuals should opt to perform kind acts for those in their vicinity and lend a hand whenever possible, particularly when they come across an elderly person in need of assistance. This is because older individuals may not be fully aware of what steps to take, especially considering the rapid advancements in technology that make it challenging for them to comprehend their exact needs.

Social media often contains negative news, so it’s refreshing to see positive and heartwarming stories that remind us there are still kind people out there.

Many of us have older parents or grandparents who may no longer have the patience to solve problems.

For instance, a young person may find an expired ID troublesome, but it can be even more challenging for older individuals.

Some people don’t even know exactly what the procedure is and what exactly they need to do to get a new ID as soon as possible, especially if they are in the situation of this man who needed money as soon as possible and could not access it.

Many individuals are unaware of the exact procedure and steps required to obtain a new ID quickly. This is particularly true for individuals like the man in this situation, who urgently needed money but couldn’t access it.

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