The plus-size model who wants to be the next Miss Universe


The most famous beauty pageant, Miss Universe, is transforming little by little, as are the ideals or standards that society has imposed regarding what it considers beautiful.

Starting in 2023, married, pregnant, with children, and even divorced women will be able to participate to be candidates for the crown. “Despite the difference in our cultures and beliefs, this allows all women to put their destiny in their own hands and we will accommodate the next Miss Universe accordingly,” said Amy Emmerich, CEO of Miss Universe.

In the world of social networks and the fashion or entertainment industry, it is increasingly common to see women and men breaking stereotypes to communicate self-acceptance and self-love.

Jessi Rodríguez is a plus-size girl who works as a model and seeks to fulfil the dream of becoming the next Miss Universe.

At 23 years old, the native of Costa Rica has decided to attend the casting for Miss Costa Rica to end fatphobia, speaking out in favour of body positivity and proving that beauty and weight should not conflict.

“Not only do I seek to represent what I consider beautiful to me, but also to represent the many women who follow me and who see me as an example. So that they see that I am beyond a body and that I can represent it in a beautiful, special way and with a lot of enjoyment and love, ”wrote the model on her social networks.

She knows that her body may not be accepted in many countries and that it is not easy for society to see someone like her wear the crown of such an essential and historic pageant as Miss Universe.

Rodríguez is a publicist and audiovisual producer, and with her knowledge, she wants to send a message to all the girls who look like her so that they accept themselves as they are and want their body as it is.

“I don’t consider myself more than anyone else, but it would be an honor to represent Costa Rican women because beyond beauty, Costa Ricans are intelligent, hard-working, fighting women and I admire them all and could represent them very well,” concluded the young woman. .

Like any woman, Jessi has commented on more than one occasion about her different insecurities and has suffered throughout her life.

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